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Why people go trekking? Pritam Pandit Young Traveler Blogger



“So why do people go for treks? Why do they risk their lives to conquer an unseen mountain? Just for the sake of victory? To prove that they can achieve anything or is it just a healthier time pass than watching a movie on a weekend?

Those are hardly the reasons. Treks transform you. You come to know yourself but not by looking within, it is by losing yourself.
On a trek, you hardly remember who you are. You hardly remember what you do in the city for a living. You for some time let go of all the people associated with you. On a deeper level, your basic characteristic traits do not matter. All your regrets and your achievements go hide deep in your backpack.

The mountain does not care whether you are a CEO of a multinational or a local Sherpa. After walking for some time in nature you lose your identity and become one with d mountains. You are no longer the insecure feeble stubborn human being.

You are one with the wind. You are one with the mist. You are the birds. You are the greens. You are the freshness. You are alive. Somehow nothing else matters, your work, your relationships, nothing. All that matters is the next step. It could give you a firm footing and confidence to move ahead or it can lead you to a fifty-foot fall. In that decisive moment, you are alive. More alive than ever. That’s when you completely lose yourself and realize who you truly are.

Each moment reveals newer potentials. You swim across unknown waters of your soul. Through falling you realize that you have the strength to get up. Through bruising, you realize that you have the power to be healed. Through being alone you realize your own freedom.

In the everyday routine of life, all of us forget who we truly are. In fact being on a trek is one of the very few times when we actually remember!!”
This Certificate of Achievement provided me at Namche Bazar of Solokhumbu District by Sagarmatha National Park Office on Successful Expedition of Mt. Everest Base Camp, Nepal.

His Social Media Status after traveled to Everest Base Camp. Here is his experience, which he had shared with our Nepalayatimes Team.

“I’m not a Trekker nor a Hiker but a more Traveler. I’ve not trekked to any popular trek destination in India like Rupkund or Gochela but being a Shiva follower I did AMARNATH YATRA (12,756 ft), GAUMUKH (13,200ft), & KEDARNATH (11,660ft).
So when I decided to do Mt. Everest Base Camp which is 17,600 ft & a trek for 12-14 days, truly saying I was worried & not confident enough that I could do it with flying colors.
EBC is easy but on the other side quite challenging too as the level of this trek is Difficult as day by day one have to ascend up & up and gradually the attitude will be more & oxygen level will be thin. AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) can Kill too as the board says there. Many times I thought of quitting but the love & support you all people had showered me gave me the inspiration itself & on the 11th day (07th Aug’18) I made it to Everest Base Camp @ 16:40hrs, it was snowing at that time.
Before doing EBC I would recommend you all to at least do or have an experience of a couple of high altitude treks in your respective countries. It will help your body to know the sustained in less O2 level.”


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