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What is Veda? Meaning of Four Veda

What is Veda? Meaning of Four Veda
– Rajesh Shrestha/Nepalayatimes

What is Veda? Meaning of Four Veda
What is Veda? Meaning of Four Veda

The Sanskrit word Veda is formed from three letters (ba+i + da) which mean books of light or books of wisdom. In fact, it is the cosmic vibration but when we are unable to understand cosmic language Maharshi Veda Vyasa came down on earth and compiled the 4 Vedas. It is the instruction from God, the constitution of entire human beings explaining problems and solution regarding life and the world. Vedas are Anadi (which has no beginning and no end), Nitya (eternal), so Vedas manifest themselves after each deluge (Pralaya). Hence, Vedas is but the cosmic science so what is not in Vedas; source of all the literature, religious texts, and scientific discoveries. It was compiled by Maharshi Veda Vyasa born in Damauli Nepal in the previous eon.

1. Rigveda: Rig Veda mainly contains hymns and prayers through mantra chanting dedicated to the worship of universal forces usually referred as Rig or demigods; Sun, Aum Sound, Nagas (serpent energy), Air, Water, Earth, Ether, Gravitational forces, etc. It is the collection of 1028 Vedic hymns and 10,600 verses in the Sanskrit language. From the very beginning, it praises to The Creator and HIS creation.

2. Yajurveda: The word ‘Yajur’ itself means ceremony so, it describes the procedure of performing rituals (birth- marriage- Funeral), Purification of body-mind-soul, Worshipping (Yagya-Pooja) process for the creator, ancestors. It tells about linguists; grammar, phonetic symbols, rhyme- verse. Yajurveda explains the meaning of religious symbols viz. Aum, Shiva (Lifeforce), Shiva-linga (Union of cosmic vibration and nature), Swastika (Symbol of creation), Trishul (Trident), Mandala (Mystic diagram), Ashtanga (Endless Knot), Shankha (Conch), Satkon (David Star), Garuda (the invisible bird). Such spiritual symbols are accepted by all the ancient culture and prevailing religion around the world.

3. Samveda: Literally ‘Sam’ means music-dance-bhajan so, it talks about art, music, literature, humanity, philosophy and all the scientific discoveries. Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni is the basic musical note for any musical instrument, singing, and dancing. Samveda has explained that man and woman are the two sides of the coin or two wheels of a cart. The existence is not possible in the absence of a man or vice-versa. Therefore, it is useless to create an issue of women empowerment. God has created with 50 /50 energy not even 1 point less So, why to raise propaganda about women empowerment? Just we need to understand and respect both gender equally. Samveda strongly talks about scientific discoveries. We used to have all scientific tools; (Wi-Fi, T.V, Phone, Computer, Aeroplane, Telescope, Medical instrument and what not- more than today’s modern technology.

4. Atharvaveda: It is the Vedic Science that deals with Ayurveda (science of health), Yog-Dhyan (Yoga & Meditation), Astrology (Constellation and planetary movement), Vashtushastra (Fengsui- the science of architecture), Astronomy, Kama-sutra (the art of lovemaking), Reiki, Tantra-Shamanism, Law, Banking- Business, Economics, Politics, Agriculture and what not? These were the subjects taught at Nalanda University of Greater Nepal 700 BC.

People from around the globe used to come and study these subjects as this was the only university in the world. Chinese came and studied Vastushastra and interpreted in their own language ‘Fu Sui’ which means the flow of wind and water or we need to make a house according to the flow of nature. Now, the entire world knows that Fengsui started from China but they do not know that the Chinese came and studied Vashtushastr (fengsui) in Nepal. Similarly, Indian learned Yoga-Meditation, Ayurveda, Astrology but people do not know that such Vedic wisdom started from Nepal. Westerns came and studied astronomy, mathematics and were able to discover few scientific discoveries. What modern science has discovered (it is not an invention at all) is everything mentioned in Vedic texts. By the way, it would be nice to quote a few Vedic Verse extracted directly from the Vedas and let the people ponder and wonder.


• Rigveda Chapter 8 Verse 12. 30 “Yeda Suryamamum Divi sukram jyotirdharaya aadite wo:” which means O’ God you have created the Sun and other spheres and render them steadfast by your power of attraction.
• Rigveda Chapter 8 Verse 12. 28 “Yeda te haryata Hari bandhate dive Aadita te viswa bhuwanani yemire” which means – All planets remain stable because as they come closer to the sun due to attraction their speed of coming closer increases proportionately.
• Rigveda Chapter 10 Verse 149. 1 “Sabita yantrai parthivimaram nadaskambhane Sabita dauamadamhata. . . which means – The sun has tied Earth and other planets through attraction and moves them around itself.
• Rigveda Chapter 1 verse 163. 1 ” Yadakranda parathama jayaman udayata samudaduta wa puripata.”-. (the first life has generated in water).
• Rigveda Chapter 10 Verse 27. 23 “Dewanam mane parathama atisthana kantartradesumu par udayana / tarayestapani parthivimanupa dawa bukam warhata puriyama.” (The first created water consist of H2O, it has been expressed by three warm the earth while holding water reservoir and from their separation came tho things and two of these convey the murmuring moisture is H & OH ions. It expresses the phenomena of ionization.
• Rigveda Chapter 1 verse 163 / 13 “Panchare chakre paribartamane tasminna tasyubhrvanani viswa / Tasya nakshastapyete puribhara sanadeva na shiryate samabhi” (Sun moves in its orbit which itself is moving. Earth and other bodies move around sun due to force of attraction because Sun is heavier than them.)
• Rigveda Chapter 1 Verse 164 / 7 “Yiha warawitu ya yimanga Vedasya, Vamasya nihitam pada wae:” [Photosynthesis process is possible only by the Sunlight.
• DNA = Tawasta viwasya which explains about DNA pattern in life.
• Ecosystem = “Jiwo Jivasya Jivanama” which means one living being is good for another living being.
• The moon shines only by receiving sunlight- Rigveda Chapter 1 Verse 84/ 15
• Rotation of our earth and the occurrence of a solar eclipse has been described in Rigveda Chapter 5 Verse 4- /8
• Difficult to digest for the modern science but Ashwini Kumar had joined the cut off the head. Rig veda chapeter 10 Verse 48/ 2
• “Dhyanam gatika Sastime wa cha ” means soundless clock by Scientist Rhibhu
• Anashwojata anabhishurukthyo rathastrichakra: (An aeroplane that fly with solar power made by Rhibhu scientist)
• Byomayanam bimanam wa purbamasitma hi bhuja: (Soundless aeroplane made by Raibha.)
• Jalasuryam marichyasti yatsukshmam drisyate raja: (Rays and atoms)
• Akristashaktishcha mahitaya yata khastham gurutwabhimukham swoshaktya ; Aakrisyate tat patatiwa bhati same samantata kwo patatwiyam khe. (Planets are attracted each other but centralising all gravity force to Sun-) Aryabhatta & Bhaskaracharya
• Yikchhanswosya yachhira (Surgery/ medical science) Rigveda: 1 verse 84/14
• Parakaya prakas (entering soul to another’s dead body) Ayam matayam pitayam jiwaturagatam Rigveda chapter 10 Verse 60/ 7 (introducing parents to re given life to corpse)
• Gudam suryam tamaschchhannama (solar eclipse)
• Aprabratena turiyena (Telescope to watch) Rigveda chapter 5 verse 40 /5
• Sahasrakhara samyukto ratho meghasamaswana: (Boeing that sounds like thunder) – Vayu Puran
• Kailasaparwatam gatwa Vijitya narawahanam- bimanam puspakam tasya kamagam wai jahara ya: A group of saints flew towards Mt Kailash riding on Pushpak viman) — Agnipuran
• Bhanu Aumkarya states that Sun creates Aum sound and NASA has proven now that the Sound of Sun is AUM. Another statement, “Aum bhau rakta varna Namaha” I pray to the planet Mars which has a red color like blood. They knew about the color of Mars in those days whereas modern science knew about the color of Mars only in 2004.

Hence, Vedic wisdom is an ocean of wisdom for entire mankind which gives detail explanation of Astronomy, Astrology, Ayurveda, Vashtushastra (fengsui), philosophy- life quests, politics, economics- business, law, art- music-literature, Reiki, Tantra-Shamanism, Yoga-Mediation and what not. Einstein’s theory of relativity E=mc2, Newton’s gravity, Quantum physics, infinity, universal logos in nature, the algorithm used in computer, the mathematical sequence in nature as explained by Fibonacci was already explained in Vedas. These subjects were taught at Nalanda University – the first and the biggest university in the world which was in Greater Nepal.
(The School of Life)

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