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Email marketing is the use of email by companies to advertise their product or service. It is a kind of direct marketing in which the business interacts with the customer directly rather than via an intermediary.

Email may be used to develop leads, convert prospects, and ensure current customers have a positive experience. Here are some email marketing examples and various kinds of emails that you may recognize from your inbox.

Welcome email series: When a client initially contacts a firm, the company will usually send an automated sequence of emails outlining the organization and its product. A computer firm, for example, that provides a free software trial will send educational links to assist the client get the most out of the product. They may send emails at the conclusion of the trial with the goal of turning the individual into a paying client. These emails are highly personalized based on the offer with which the consumer engaged.

Email newsletters: Newsletters are mass emails that are sent out on a regular basis. They will usually include business updates as well as links to blog articles or other information that the receiver may find interesting. Newsletters are a low-cost method to keep in touch with a large number of individuals. When a client engages with anything in one of these emails, such as downloading an eBook, the company may move them to a more focused email sequence.

Email reminders: Customers who haven’t completed a job they began get email reminders. If a customer visits an eCommerce shop but does not purchase, the business may send them an email urging them to finish the transaction.

Transactional emails such as post-purchase emails: When a client makes a purchase, companies often send them a series of emails in which they learn more about the product. Post-purchase emails, for example, are critical for building customer loyalty if your product is subscription-based, since they enhance the likelihood that the client will find value in the service and continue to pay. Post-purchase emails may also be used to upsell additional or new goods, as well as to conduct referral programs.

Email advertising and marketing is any verbal exchange using digital means, such as email, SMS, and fax, to construct a relationship with a present or potential customer.

Email advertising can be an effective device in a company’s an advertising and marketing arsenal. It can assist generate revenue, constructing company awareness, creating consumer loyalty, generating leads, and amplifying sales.

Email advertising can be damaged down into various categories:

Direct electronic mail marketing. This refers to sending emails at once to clients or possible customers. These emails can be transactional, such as invoices or order confirmations, or they can be promotional, such as income or new product announcements.

Email listing building. This refers to the manner of amassing the email addresses of potential clients and customers. Companies use several tactics, such as online forms, downloads, and contests, to accumulate email addresses.

Email newsletters. These are emails that are despatched to present or viable clients on an ordinary schedule. They are used to measure consumer preferences and to gauge the effectiveness of the company’s advertising efforts.

Email automation. This refers to the system of sending a sequence of emails to potential clients or customers.

Email management. This refers to the procedure of examining e-mail advertising campaigns to measure the effectiveness of the company’s campaigns.

Email design. This is the procedure of designing a publication template and the email’s basic appear and feel.

Email delivery. This refers to the system of sending emails to recipients’ inboxes.


Email marketing is just an example of how well you can play with your words to market your services and products

however nowadays there are different ways to connect with people like instagram ,facebook and many more but still email plays an important role in marketing

it’s a effective way to get connected with your audience

benefits of doing email marketing is that It will make a market your product according to your choice you can develop a good relationship with your clients

so here is some tips to try while writing emails :-

    1. write a meaningful subject line. Remember to keep it short and sweet,
    2. but before you write the subject line think about your intentions.
    3. The subject line should summarize why you are contacting them.

some examples of good subjects line are :-

  1. Manicube: “*Don’t Open This Email*”
  2. GrubHub: “Last Day To See What This Mystery Email Is All About”
  3. Refinery29: “10 bizarre money habits making Millennials richer”
  4. Digital Marketer: “Check out my new “man cave” [PICS]”
  5. Digital Marketer: “Is this the hottest career in marketing?”
  6. Thrillist: “What They Eat In Prison”
  7. Eat This Not That: “9 Disgusting Facts about Thanksgiving”

write something that increases the curiosity of person to read it


    1. Bullet points make it much easier for the recipient to read the email quickly and effectively.
    2. It also helps the reader identify the main points of the email.

If the recipient is expected to do something after receiving the email, highlight the call to action

3. QUOTES-quotes also play a good role in catching readers attention

PRECAUTION-never write offensive quotes write something that impress your client instead of making them angry

I think that’s enough for more information you can check this out on google


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