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VNY2020: Discuss Investment, Employment Opportunities than Number of Tourist

Sahas Neuppane/Nepalayatimes: VNY2020: Discuss Investment, Employment Opportunities than Number of Tourist.
Kathmandu – Nepal government has declared 2020 as the Visit Nepal Year, with the goal of entering 20 million tourists with the hope that the tourism sector develops smoothly after the earthquake’s tremendous crackdown. The government’s announcement has made the tourism entrepreneur more enthusiastic. Government, the private sector and stakeholders are expected to succeed in the tourism year and major reforms in the tourism sector are expected.

VNY 2020: Discuss Investment, Employment Opportunities than Number of Tourist
VNY 2020: Discuss Investment, Employment Opportunities than Number of Tourist

In this regard, the National Coordinator of Visit Nepal Year 2020, Suraj Vaidya, said that rather than the number of tourists should argue about the impact on the economy. He argued that tourism should be discussed the investment in the tourism sector and the employment opportunities than the number of tourists in Nepal. He said that there is a need for serious debate on the impact of bringing tourists than the number of them.


He has disagreed with the statement of counting the number of tourist by air. He says that there are all tourists coming to Nepal, otherwise the definition of tourist should change. It is not only that the visit year will be successful only if it is able to make Nepalese simple programs even more than just putting it into a big deal. He said that 1/1 international airports should be constructed east and far-west in order to expand Kathmandu, Pokhara and Lumbini centered tourism. ‘The air freight to reach any other tourist area from Kathmandu is expensive than Dubai’s arrival from Mumbai, why tourists go to other destinations outside Kathmandu?’ He asked. When looking at the smallest effects should also be affected, it should be noted that he.

Baidya claims that No matter what happens the tourists will not be able to increase without increase investment in the tourism business. “There is no alternative to increase investment in infrastructure and promotion, so we are preparing a Tourism Investment Summit in September of this year,” said Baidya, former President of the Federation of Commerce. He said that the privet sector should increase investment in tourism and also the government should improve the policy matters.

In the previous stage of visit year, Vaidya opened a wide range of work that was going to target the visit year. He is preparing to start the program ‘Kathmandu by Night’ to free the tourists from the dust, smoke and traffic jams of Kathmandu. Likewise, the program will be organized as an International Women Conference in Lumbini, Hockey Competition in Gokyo Lake, International Balloon Festival, and religious festival at Debghat.

He has another plan to establish a Namaste center in the place of the Tourism Information Center and to keep all the places in the country. He said that the main part of the tourists coming to Nepal is Indian and Chinese tourists som we should make the program with targeting them. ‘We are among the two neighbors, only a few percentages of India and China can be brought to Nepal, even Nepal’s tourism sector can be hit by a large scale.

He gave an example of 12 million religious tourists each year in Mecca and said that if we develop Lumbini and Pashupatinath as Mecca, Chinese & Indian tourists can easily be inserted. He is also interested in internal tourism development. He said that such campaign was expected to support internal tourism by planning to bring millions of young people to their villages through the ‘Back to Roots’ campaign.

The tourists love Nepalese people behavior it should be stronger than the Sagarmatha and Lumbini as well. We should guard the fundamental traditions of respecting guests as God. If the guest comes in home, we have the work of keeping our home clean, healthy food and hospitality, we should all be responsible for it.
Concluding the conversation, Coordinator Vaidya urged and requested to convince that, now the internal work of the project is constructing, the results are coming soon.

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