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Ultimate Himalayan Motorland

Ultimate Himalayan Motorland

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Kathmandu – Kathmandu gets a new place to rev up. The Ultimate Hima­layan Motorland promises to be the breeding ground for the country’s motor-adventurists and an adrenalin-filled addition to the ‘Things to do’ list of visiting tourists to Nepal. The property sprawling over 4.4 acres has both tarmac and off-road race tracks, in the two firsts for Nepal. With motorsports as its theme, Ultimate Himalayan Motor­land offers adventure sports as well as training. At the venue, one can participate in various recreational activities and get expert training.

The Chairman for Ultimate Himalayan Motorland is Anil K. Baral and Diprash Shakya is the Managing Director.

The venue is open to individuals, groups, and even corporate houses. The services available at the Motor­land are venue hire, track hire, rec­reational Go-Karting, recreational racing, and more. The property is also open for concerts, TV Shows, camping, bikers/car meets, exhibi­tions and auto shows.

An advocate of road safety and responsible driving, the Motorland offers various training programs such as racing training, marshal training, pit-crew training, and road-safety training. The driving lessons range from beginners to advanced levels.

For the upcoming year, the company, which is affiliated to the National Sports Council, has already announced a list of races, including Racemandu, Crossman­du, Race Nari, Youth Karts Cham­pionship, Auto Gymkhana, and other corporate and school-level competitions.

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