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Tribeni Trekking Trail: Hidden Heaven of Earth

Tribeni Trekking Trail: Hidden Heaven of Earth – Dipak Parajuli/Nepalayatimes

Tribeni Trekking Trail: Hidden Heaven of Earth
Tribeni Trekking Trail: Hidden Heaven of Earth

Nepal has a full of hidden trekking trails which take you close to the gorgeous and nature surrounding of Nepal. In this land, life is simple and people are shy and friendly in having good manner.

You will enjoy exploring Nepalese society with their various local activities. Trekking in hidden trails Nepal take you beyond your imaginations of normal trekking trips as you enter into river valleys, lush green forest and inhabitant rain shadow areas behind the Himalayas ranges in Nepal. While you are landing at Tribhuvan International Airport, then the hidden trekking trails of Nepal are leading you to explore the stunning views of mountains and deepest green valleys, as well as the living lifestyle of Nepalese people’s, their arts, structural designs and cultural traditions with a historical background.

Tribeni Trekking trail is hidden Shangri-La in the western region of Nepal. This Trebeni region is located inside the Tribeni in the area of Sanni Tribeni Rural Municipality, Kalikot District, Karnali Province. This region is famous for its uniqueness of varied landscape, flora & fauna. The name Tribeni was derived from the religious meaning, where you can see a Tribeni Dham and temple of Badi Malika. Therefore this region is not only famous among trekker it’s famous among pilgrim, researcher & devotees.

Tribeni trekking area offers a distinct experience to the trekker. The highest elevation in Tribeni Patan region is 4000 Meters and it has several inclined meadows. This has various kinds of flora & fauna. Subtropical, an alpine climatic zone can be found here. 11% of all the flowering plants from Nepal can be found here. More than 200 different kinds of medicinal herb are found, so this land can say as the natural hospital. Deer, wild boar, snow leopard found animals in Tribeni area. The park offers excellent views of Mountain region in western Nepal as well as Badimalika, Patan Budha and beautiful landscape & amazing scenery.

Trebeni trekking trail is best for real exploration and beautiful scenery. The trail goes through inclined meadow & grassland whereas in lower elevation the trail goes bit steep way. And local governing body is trying to facilitate with a helicopter charter.

Tribeni Trekking Trail: Hidden Heaven of Earth

Highlights of the tour

Some of the main highlights of the tour are

1. The eye-pleasing Patan (meadows) Tribeni Dham is known for its green meadows, grasslands, pasture [Patan]. It is said that there are altogether 12 large Patans within the Tribeni region. The Patents are large enough to please your eyes.

2. The peaceful scenic landscape of Tribeni The jewel of the Tribeni is, of course, the open green meadows spread over gentle terrain. The landscape resembles something that we usually see in the postcards and Tribeni area offers you the chance to experience it yourself. During spring and autumn, the fields are said to be covered with more than 100 colorful flowers although we couldn’t see that for ourselves.

3. Religious Sites: There is a temple of Malika and Tribeni Dham. Pilgrimage from Nepal, Kumau Gadwal and various land of India reach there during the full moon of July-August when Hindu pilgrims come to worship here, the no. of people that visit this land is low.

4. Climate: In this region have 3 climates. The seasons of spring (March-May) and autumn (October-November) are the best times to visit. The temperature ranges from 4°c to 20°c offering pleasant trekking weather. The monsoon begins in June and lasts until September during this time paths become muddy and slippery. From December to February winter brings snow and chilling winds.

5. Flora & Fauna: The flora of Tribeni region can be divided into three basic vegetation zone’s subtropical, and temperate. In the lower altitudes (1000 – 2000 meter), subtropical vegetation dominates the landscape; Forest mainly consists of Montane Sal, Pines and Alder species. From 1800 – 3000-meter temperate type dominates the landscape. The forest there are comprised of lower temperate mixed broad-leaved species (Lindera Nacusua, Cmnamomum Tampa. etc), temperate mixed evergreen species (Spruce, fir, hemlock, oak. etc), and upper temperate broad-leaved species (Aesculus indica, maple, etc.) Fir oak, birch, and rhododendron arc the major species found there. Intertwined into the landscape of the Tribeni Patan are the Patents (pastureland) with beautiful flowers (about 100 species) that bloom in the summer and late spring. The grassland flowers consist of primulas, buttercups, and wild berries. A wide variety of medicinal herbs (more than 200 species) are occurring inside the Tribeni region. The Tribeni region is reported to have various types of birds species.

A wide variety of butterflies, moths, and insects are also forming a part of the Tribeni ecosystem. The Tribeni Patan area provides habitat for some different, species of mammals. Common ones include barking deer, wild boar, goral, Himalayan black bear, Yellow-throated Marten, and Rhesus and Langur monkey. Other includes leopard, wild dogs, jackal and musk deer.


Currently, there are no lodges or hotels in this area. Trekkers must be self- sufficient in tents, food, fuel, and all other supplies. Make sure to bring a first-aid kit because there are no medical facilities available within Triben region.

How to get there:

The best way to reach the Tribeni area is to fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and the local buses are available for Surkhet then pick a local bus for Dailekh, Kalikot (Sannighat). From Sannighat one has to hike 3 hours to Mehelbudi and another 7-8 hours to Thapche and then Tribeni. Other options are the local bus for Mumra, Kalikot, and hike to Tribeni.


Day 01: Arrive Kathmandu

Day 02: Fly Kathmandu to Nepalgunj (198m), drive to Surkhet

Day 03: Drive Sannighat, Mumra (2041m) 7 hrs

Day 04: Trek to Thapche (3210m), 5/7 hrs

Day 05: Trek to Tribeni Dham (4000 m)

Day 06: Explore this region.

Day 07: Trek to Mumra (2041m)

Day 07: Take a bus to Nepalgunj. Day 08: Return to Nepalganj -Kathmandu

Best Time: We made the journey in October when the monsoon had just ended. Being a high plateau, the weather was unpredictable. Occasionally the clouds from surrounding low lands would cover the area in no time creating a foggy environment. The best time to visit the Park to be Sep-November and March-May. From December to March, it snows heavily in the Triben Patan area making travel impossible. Since being a plateau, the snow is retained for a much longer time up to late March. You can contact the office of the Sanni Tribeni Rural Municipality for current weather updates and conditions. The phone no has been provided in the last section.

Tribeni Trekking Trail: Hidden Heaven of Earth
Tribeni Trekking Trail: Hidden Heaven of Earth

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