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Tourist Guide Association of Nepal (TURGAN)


A representative body of Tourist Guides or escorts is Tourist Guide Association of Nepal (TURGAN), In this team, Members have been engaging themselves, throughout the country. In reality, these members are working in the field of guiding, teaching and lecturing the in-coming tourists or lay visitors at the sight, who come to Nepal in the quest of gathering knowledge and understanding, in regard to its history, culture, social life, flora, and fauna, etc.

The associated member-guides of this organization are all well qualified and have been trained intensively from the then government approved “Hotel Management and Tourism Training Centre (HMTTC) and, with the possession of, at least, graduate degree obtained from the approved university. The erstwhile HMTTC’S name has now been changed to stand as Nepal Academy of Tourism & Hotel Management- NATHM). In addition to English, the guides do also speak other international languages. Hence, the organization is proud of having the congregation of guides, speaking almost all the languages of the world, apart from the international one.

A bunch of dedicated and well-qualified Tourist Guides, involved in the profession of guiding and lecturing the visitors in Nepal, sat down in a meeting in 1989 and, after long deliberation, decided unanimously to form an organization with the objective of safeguarding and protecting their interest. Such a wishful thinking and subsequent effectual endeavor, taken up by them, finally culminated in the establishment, on the same year, of this august body named as “Tourist Guide Association of Nepal” With the name being figured out, and charter of the organization being prepared by the lawyer, it was duly registered in the concerned Department of Nepal Government to have its legal sanctity and status.

Now it enjoys full authority and recognization in the tourism fraternity of Nepal as well. TURGAN now forms part as one of the fifteen tourism organizations of national level in terms of providing advice, services, and expertise to the government or to the local bodies whenever broad policy matters, concerning the tourism promotion and advancement, is to be discussed and finally approved.

In regard to the definition of a Tourist Guide, it is mentioned in the charter of TURGAN, that the guide is a person who has obtained training in Hotel Management & Tourism Training Centre (now it is called NATHM) and officially be holding a valid guiding license, to be widely and effetely used for all over the country, issued and directed by Nepal’s government Department of Tourism. Those who do not come under this purview of qualification and possession of a valid license will be debarred from guiding tourists, as an illegal act, subject to punishment, according to the prevailing law of the land.

Objective of TURGAN
To foster a feeling of brotherhood and amity amongst the member fellow-guides while realizing one’s duty and responsibility in the run-up to making the guiding profession as a successful as well as a progressive venture.
To be aware of one’s rights, duties and safety and for the sake of preserving it, get prepared to take effective steps for the restoration and realization.

To promote a feeling of mutual understanding and felicitation amongst the national and international organizations for the growth of tourism in Nepal.
To make concerted attempt to explore and provide knowledge of Nepal’s religious, historical, traditional, cultural, geographical, social, language, art and way of life of Nepalese people to the outside world.
To build a healthy and co-operative partnership amongst the related tourism entrepreneurs and different bodies of the same line-agencies for achieving perpetual mutual understanding and goodwill.

To conduct seminars, workshop, research on various facets of tourism advancement in Nepal and notify the related agencies including the government with suitable suggestions and advice for timely improvement.
TURGAN as an Organization TURGAN’S supreme organizational set-up is the assembly of all the registered bona fide members which is called The General Body. The general meeting of this body takes place every year to decide on the policy matters including election and other subjective issues.

The general body reserves the right to nominate 11 members team, through the election procedure, as being the official functioning Executive Committee of TURGAN, which will be comprised of a President, two first and second Vice Presidents, General Secretary, Secretary, Treasurer and four members with the Past President becoming inevitably as one of the members too. The term of office for the Executive Committee, in accordance with the charter, will be for three years period.

Sagar Niwas,Kamaladi, Kathmandu,Nepal

Tel/Fax No:
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Email turgan22@gmail.com
website: http://www.tourguidenepal.org.np/

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