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Tourism Entrepreneurs Demand Relief

Tourism Entrepreneurs Demand Relief


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Tourism Entrepreneurs Demand Relief

Along with the demand to bring programs through the forthcoming budget to restore the tourism sector to its old condition, it has been demanded to include both tourism workers and entrepreneurs in such programs.
Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN), which has been saying that there is no immediate operation of hotels even if the lockdown is open, has stated that the industry will avoid far-reaching negative impact if the government addresses it through the budget.

Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Yogesh Kumar Bhattarai said that the budget would be addressed to save the tourism sector. Stating that the problem will not be solved only from the tourist holiday and travel decade, the businessmen urged to pay attention to the facilitation of private flights from abroad. HAN Senior Vice-President Binayak Shah said the government should address the hotels that earn the most foreign currency in tourism through the budget.

He claims that the hotels have suffered a monthly loss of more than Rs 1.5 billion in the main season. He also claimed that there was no possibility of running a business without the support of the government. He said that he was hopeful that the issue would be addressed through the task force as a task force has been formed to study the decision to close the hotel for six months if the government does not cooperate.

Stating that the government can solve the problem with the Employment Protection Fund, Social Security Fund, and the amount allocated for the visit year, Shah urged to re-evaluate the impact through the budget for the next six months. He suggested that the government could move ahead with the promotion of religious tourism to reduce the impact by September. “The world is in crisis right now. The government should make public its plan to make good use of the Hindu and Buddhist circuits in the country as the common man becomes spiritual at such a time, ‘he said.

Mukti Dahal, General Secretary of the Nepal Hotel, Casino and Restaurant Workers’ Union, which is close to the ruling party, said that even if the government celebrates the decade of visit, only businessmen will benefit from it. He said that the government should focus on the workers. He said that a government study was needed on the benefits of hotel workers even if the government decided to give leave to civil servants, army, and police to sustain the tourism sector.

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