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Tourism Development Budget Misuse on Alcohol Party

Nepalayatimes/Tourism Development Budget Misuse on the Alcohol Party
Dharan – Dhanan Sub-Metropolitan Municipality, employee, people-representative have spent a huge budget of tourism development in alcohol consumption and Masubhat (Meat-rice).

Tourism Development Budget Misuse on Alcohol Party

The Dharan sub-municipality has spent budget expenditure on the development of the tourist sector of the municipality and misuse of employees’ employees. They have sworn SiX Million Three Hundred Twenty-five thousand Three Hundred Seventy (6,325,370.00) in the title of alcohol and Masubhat. The sub-Metropolis has not done any work for tourist promotion from that budget. This news is written in the Annapurna Post daily today by Ratnaprasad Acharya.

Although the rules for spending budget by choosing the tourism scheme from the amount appropriated to tourism, the evidence has found the sub-metropolis has to mislead the policy by misusing the budget. According to the accountant Bheshraj Adhikari, accountant of Tourism, spent the cost of Rs. Six Million Six Hundred Thirty Thousand Three Hundred Seventy (6,630,370.00).

Dharan Sub-Metropolis had disbursed Rs. 1 million for the development of tourism development in a fiscal year. Out of the total discharge, 6 million 630 thousand three hundred rupees have been spent. But in the title of tourism, till date, only three lakh five thousand rupees have been spent with collaboration with various organizations. According to the sources, the budget for tourism development was made by the people and representatives of employees.

More than six million from the budget deposited in tourism development has paid in the EG Radius hotel of Dharan. Western Beer, Ruslan Votka and Meat rice have fed for the participants in this party. The Dharan Sub-metropolis has spent more than one million alcohol and Meat rice in the program of brotherhood relation with Ilam Municipality.

The Amount has been paid two lakh 21 thousand Rupees from the Tourism Development budget in tea festival to Dharan Kitchen Hotel, which has been organized at Dhanan Swimming Pool. In this party, Old darbar and Meat rice has fed to- guest.

Translated from Annapurnapost

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