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Tourism Connect People and Prosperity

Dipak Parajuli/Nepalayatimes Tourism Connect People and Prosperity

Tourism Connect People and Prosperity

Tourism is one of the world’s biggest industries, a job-creator and economic driver in small and large communities. We can experience that tourism is small granted business, where a single person can invest and earn.

Prosperity, it means a condition in which a person or community is doing well financially. Nepal Government makes slogan ‘Prosperous Nepal Happy Nepali’; for obtaining this slogan nation can develop the doctrine of Agriculture, Hydropower, and tourism. In the case of tourism, Nepal has various sectors to develop business such as Mountaineering, Trekking, Rafting, Banji, Cannoning, Cultural sightseeing, city tours, as well as Nepal full of natural beauty. Religious Tourism, Rural Tourism, ethnic cultural tourism, medical (Yoga, Herbs, and Meditation) are another approached of tourism. Above mentioned all of the aspects should be developed with proper infrastructure.


Tourism and Sustainable Development Goals in the Context of Nepal

But In this article I want to talk about how tourism helps to get prosperity faster than other business? I have previously mentioned that fast-growing tourism can start with low investment. For example one people who serving as a tour guides in other’s company, can become an owner of trekking company next year. So that tourism can grow entrepreneur very fast. And another aspect, local should involve in tourism business. Rural tourism, cultural tourism, development of home stay; it means people connect on tourism business with very low investment. If people connect with business of their local products, it gives revenue. While people get value of their product, labor, exactly it is prosperity.

Promote local product, sale local product, handicraft, typical Nepali cultural food and other items are way to reach prosperity. If we can promote local product and export in market, revenue remains on local people. Development of ethnic culture is main attract of tourists in rural area of Nepal. Most of tourists eager to study about ethnic culture, social relation and structure, so multi-diversified Nepal can become a main destination for them. If we focus to development of rural tourism it can directly connect to lower income generate villagers. It means that if tourism connects with villagers directly, it helps to prosperous nation through economic development.

Many jobs in tourism are well suited for those with little workforce experience, including individuals with little formal education and disadvantaged individuals. In fact, tourism is one of the largest employers of individuals with little education or workforce experience, giving them a solid start in finding economic independence. Career paths in tourism are seemingly limitless; many tourism leaders start their careers in entry-level occupations and quickly advance to supervisory, management, and even executive level or ownership positions.

Dear government, please concern about the development of tourism with the connection of grassroots local people, who have rights to consume local natural resources. Government follows the federal system but tourism development can’t disperse in the state level as well as local bodies. Identify the location in our rural area and facilitate the privet sector to invest and develop.

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