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Krishna Janmashtami Being Celebrated

Krishna Janmashtami Being Celebrated – Amisha Sharma/Nepalayatimes Hindu devotees of Nepal celebrated Krishna Janmashtami today. Krishna Janmashtami is the festival celebrates in accusation of the birthday of Lord Krishna celebrated in Hindu religion. It is the celebration of the victory of goodness and dharma over the devil and bad power. It is celebrated on Ashtami Tithi, (the eighth day of …

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Month Shrawan Religious Connection on Chanting ‘Om’

Month Shrawan Religious Connection on Chanting ‘Om’ -Sahas Bhandari/Nepalayatimes Kathmandu – So many Hindus believe Lord Brahma was the creature (Shritikarta) of the world, similarly, Vishnu was the operator (Palankarta) and Shiva was destroyer (Shamaharkarta) of the world, it mentions on various myth. According to the Veda, Brahma becomes full of Satyguna, Vishnu Rajah and Shiva Tamaguna factor. All these …

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