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Siddhababa Temple: Religious Connectivity and Believe Center

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Palpa – This Temple Siddhababa is placed in Tinau Rural Municipality, Ward No. 03, Dovan, Palpa. This famous with the center of religious connectivity and believe where worships Lord Shiva Temple as well as Gorkhanath. It has become a religious place of everybody’s concern and concentration. It is quite natural that everybody is curious and concern to be conversant.

The term Siddha implies accomplishment certain works or acquiring of certain things earnestly desired for and expected. The Temple Siddhababa may have so named as because whatever the devotees pray or wish before his temple to be blessed with or whatever they aspire to obtain from his kindness and compassion is being fulfilled.

The whole of area covered by the temple of Siddhababa is the holy place of Penance of the great saint King Bhartrihari. According to the popular myth and belief, the place is called Siddhababa as saint Bhartrihari achieved and attained perfection having spent her, his whole of secluded life of monasticism. As a matter of fact, Bhartrihari was the elder brother of king Bikramaditya one who initiated his own era Bikram Sambat. As the myth or legend goes king Bhartrihari had attained perfection through Penance in this part of the world following or converting to Nath sect after abandoning his throne having the conflict with his queen Pingala and his brother. He wrote his famous work Shatak Traya living in this place. In the view of Dr. Murari Parajuli, the Tri Satak written by Bhartrihari is also short poem (Muktak). There is history that he wrote Shatak bearing the themes of monasticism, morality, and romanticism sitting on the hills of Kuhire Bhir near to the Siddhababa Temple.

This temple had been registered in the office of District Administration, Palpa in the years 2055 B.S. (1998 A.D.) under the leadership of man Bahadur Shrestha for the proper management of the Siddhababa Temple. The Development Committee is being recognized from time to time.

The worship of Shive is being performed in the temple of Siddhababa. Shiva is also popularly called Bholebaba. We have the main temple of shiv, other temples of Ganesh, Nag, Mansa Devi, Bishwokarma  Baba along with Akhand Dhuni (Continuous burning of holy fire) in the premises of the Siddhababa Temple.

The Premises of Siddhababa temple possesses Dharmashala (especially rest house for devotees), Shradha (place for performing religious rituals of paying homage to dead souls of a family), parking places, and public sanitary, shutter for helpless people have been constructed with the materials or moral helps and supports of different persons or organizations under the initiatives of constructing and worshiping at Siddhababa Temple goes back as far as 2031 B.S. (1974 A.D.).

Nowadays numbers of devotees are increasing day by day, who belong to all region to reach Siddhababa; mostly they are from Gorakhpur, India. Devotees believed that the connection of Gorkhapur temple and Siddhababa Temple with name of Gorakhnath.

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