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Siddhababa Temple: Develop as Pashupatinath Temple of Province 5

Sahas Neupane/Nepalayatimes

Chairman of Siddharthababa Temple Development Committee, DB Gurung said that Siddhababa Temple will be developed as the Pashupatinath of Province 5. In the friendly meeting between Nepalese Tourism Journalist Organization and Siddhababa Temple Development Committee Members, Gurung mentioned that Siddhababa Temple is as the center for economic sources, social gatherings and religious performance and we are working to recognize this temple nationwide.

In this conversation, Gurung has unsatisfied with Government Decision that Siddhababa didn’t list in 100 new destinations.

The committee has a future plan of developing the temple of Siddhababa as a model temple of the whole of the temple of the country and having developed it as the Pashupatinath Temple of Province No. 05. The future aims and objectives of this temple are to construct a most modern training hall within the Dharmashala (stay home) well equipped with all sorts of facilities, running Gurukul (Traditional way of teaching under Guru) or center of learning.

Besides , the other aims and objectives of this temple are starting a regular radio program, publishing research books of history, brochures and pamphlets, making documentary films, developing most modern and religious park by making the better use of the areas of the religious forests, developing of Ban Batika (Forest Garden), making the devotees well conversant with the literature of Trisak of Bhartrihari by translating them into Nepali language and also organizing seminar, speech program etc about the life and works of Bhartrihari with the financial assistance of the temple.

The Managing Committee has made a long-term plan in mind of constructing marriage place (Bibah mandap), managing a room for makeup and dress room well equipped with all sort of modern facilities, providing proper facilities to all the devotees coming to the temple for worshiping and also keeping permanent police force in the temple premises for providing effective security services etc.

The Managing committee is being determined to have the thorough study of geographical topography of this place, to make wide publicity of natural and physical environmental information and knowledge of this locality, to protect and improve it, to begin a proper management of offering of pigeons to the dates as practices of rituals. A preparation of a regular religious bus service is underway to carry devotees from Butwal to Siddhababa temple.

We have a golden dream of making Siddhababa temple area as a hob of religious tourism as it happens to be the Materializing this dream of ours the Siddhababa Temple Development Committee is always prepared to proceed on to work hand in hand with governmental and non-governmental organizations in the spirit of cooperation, adjustment and accommodation.

Siddhababa Temple has become a religious place of everybody’s concern and concentration. It is quite natural that everybody is curious and concern to be conversant.

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