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Sedi Pokhara, Tourism Hub for Investment

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Sedi Pokhara, Tourism Hub for Investment
Sedi Pokhara, Tourism Hub for Investment, Photo: Chimse Rai

Pokhara – Are you interested to invest in tourism? If yes, Sedi of Pokhara may the right choice for a top place for investment. Actually what is special in Sedi?

Sedi village, Pokhara
Pokhara is one of the famous tourist areas of Nepal. It is located 200 km west of the capital city Kathmandu. Sedi which is located 2 km west of the famous visiting trail from the Pokhara. Sedi is located beneath Sarangkot at an altitude of 1600 meters from the sea level. However, the visitors can be reached through the route of Fewa Lake too. It lies in between Fewa Lake and Sarangkot. Spectacular view of Raniban in the southern part, which is overwhelmed by the beauty of Machhapuchre and The Shanti Stupa, is spreading the message of Gautam Buddha are the custodian of Sedi. The world’s famous tourist destination Sarangkot is in the north of the Shanti Stupa from which tourist can see astonishing views of Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Machhapuchre, Mt. Dhaulagiri. Similarly, Syangja, Kaski and the confluence of Parbat are located west of Sedi.

Sedi Pokhara, Tourism Hub for Investment
created by dji camera, Photo Chimse Rai

Sedi is such a beautiful land from which one can be overwhelmed by the beauty of Lakeside and also can feel coolest air of Raniban. Likewise, beautiful waves of Fewa Lake can be seen from Sedi.
The paragliding fly above the sky lower part you can see the Fewa beach.

Travelers can reach from 2 km west from the Pokhara Hallanchowk. Sedi has greater importance from the tourism point of view. And also Sedi can be a suitable place especially for those tourists who prefer a peaceful environment for lodging and feeding rather than the highly facilitated hotel buildings.

It is a 40 to 45 minutes hiking from Phewa beach to Sarankot to enjoy the sunrise view which is seen from Sarangkot. Hiking is similar to the speed of the vehicle to reach there in Sarangkot. To strengthen the tourism in Sedi, few facilitated hotels and restaurant have already been constructed. Similarly, few Yoga centers are active for providing Yoga service in the peaceful environment of Sedi. Sedi – Sarangkot cable car is opening soon to flourish the tourist route from Sedi to Saragkot from which those are benefited who cannot go through hiking. Likewise, Sedi carries the possibility of wide investment.

Since Pokhara is assigned the capital of Gandaki province, it is sure that the population of Sedi is going to be increased soon. Along With the completion of Pokhara international airport, tourist can directly land to the Pokhara, instead of searching hotels in Kathmandu and other places of Nepal. Especially the tourists of SAARC countries like India and China, their primary choice will be Pokhara. Recently, Pokhara is attracting domestic visitors too. Because of the short trip and paved drive roads, tourists can directly reach to Sedi from the airport in upcoming days.


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Sedi is such a junction where the visitors can take a night break after their evening visit of Fewa Lake and the next day they can reach Sarangkot early in the morning, by hiking and cable car. Not only this, tourists can witness the overwhelming scenario of Shanti Stupa, beautiful waves of Fewa Lake and also they can feel the coolest air of Raniban.
Lakeside, Pokhara

The next feature of Sedi is Chhipleti height which is located north of the main Sedi. Nearly 80% of Pokhara valley can be witnessed from the rooms of Chhipleti height. Chhipleti height is an awesome place especially for those who enjoy the greenery of the forest, the campfire, music and who wanna sleep in a tent.
Chhipleti Height Sedi, Pokhara

Those who are interested to invest in tourism, they can have the potential of a quick result. Due to these features, Sedi is a probable place for investment.

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