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Searching a King in Republic Nation Nepal

Dipak Parajuli/Nepalayatimes


Gorkha – By constitution, we are practicing the Federal Democratic Republic Constitution in Nepal. Nepal is one of the republic nations but the Liglig Development Center going to the select a new king on 4th Oct. 2018 in the organization of Palungtar Municipality.

The 13.8 km race will start from Chepachet, the convergence of Marshyangdi and Champadevi, located on the border of Lamjung and will end on Ligligkot.

The winner will bag Rs Crown, 60,100, Medal and trophy. Likewise, the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth winner will receive Rs 35,100, 25,100, 12,100, 7,100, 5,100, 4,100, 3,100 and Rs 2,100 respectively.
This race was started from 2010 A.D. in the restart of history, In history, Ligligkot gets a king through running competition around 1616 B.S.

Ligligkot which is situated 1437 meters (4790 feet) above sea level holds the historical importance of Gorkha, where a royal dynasty got its start.

The traditional race used to be organized each year before 1616 BS and the winner of the ‘Daud’ would be crowned as king of Gorkha before Dravya Shah, first king of Shah regime, won the Liglig race to rule the then Gorkha kingdom and later ended the tradition to start their autocratic rule.

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