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Record Officer suspended for stealing Rs 9.2 million

NT: Nepal: The Ministry of Physical Infrastructures and Transport Management has suspended a record officer at Office of the Transport Department, Mechi, for stealing Rs 9.2 million.

Record officer Bhagawan Bhattarai was suspended Sunday as he was discovered redirecting Rs 9.2 million from the State coffer. He exploited the nonappearance of office boss, as the later was deputed for the neighborhood level decisions.

Despite the fact that the workplace over and again goaded him to present the sum, he denied as well as left going to the workplace also.

Representative at Transport Department Dr Tokraj Pande educated the National News Agency that they have kept in touch with the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority to start examination against Bhattarai.

Bhattarai had few days left to get retirement.

The Department in the current days has started comparative activities against the workers discovered redirecting the sum from State coffer.

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