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Quake casualties awaiting housing stipend

NT: Nepal: Tremor casualties of Khotang locale have been denied of the principal portion of lodging stipend because of blunders in the name rundown of casualties enrolled with National Reconstruction Authority and District Treasury Controller Office, Khotang.

The seismic tremor casualties at Durchhim of Halesi Tuwachung Municipality-5 and Chipring of Khotehang Rural Municipality-5 were denied of the allow as the serial quantities of the recipients gave by the NRA and DTCO didn’t coordinate. Upwards of 234 families of Durchim and 68 families of Chipring couldn’t get the house give thus.

Central individual Rabi Kiran Achayra at District Coordination Committee said they had begun circulating the main portion of the lodging stipend from June 2.

“In any case, the shudder casualties of Durchhim and Chipring did not get the give sum,”
 he said. Achayra included that the casualties who couldn’t get the primary portion for the concede would get the sum in the following monetary.

Organizer Rajan Kumar BC at District Coordination Committee said the shake casualties couldn’t get the check as there were mistakes in their name. It is said the mix-ups happened because of the carelessness with respect to the designers conveyed for gathering points of interest. DCC expressed that data with respect to the issue had just been given to National Reconstruction Authority.

Of the 8,843 shudder casualties, Rs 360,377,000 was appropriated among 7,200 recipients. It has been accounted for that Rs 375,117,000 was discharged from the expert for remaking of houses in Khotang. Upwards of 13,799 houses were harmed in the 2015 quakes in Khotang.

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