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Public Transport Service Teasing VNY 2020

Public Transport Service Teasing VNY 2020
– Dipak Parajuli/Nepalayatimes

Public Transport Service Teasing VNY 2020
Public Transport Service Teasing VNY 2020

Kathmandu – Nepal Government is going to celebrate Visit Nepal campaign in 2020 A.D. with the aim of gaining 2 million international tourists. This campaign is good sound but where is the government in the context of infrastructure development.

We have only one month to start this campaign, but the government and private sector have been blaming each other for their activeness. A very small thing can affect to make the success of this campaign. Public transport service is one of the major factors, which related to the airport up to the destination.

Polluted dusty road of Kathmandu city is full of old vehicles, which are garbage-filled, torn-up seats, crowded passengers, and the hour-long jam have been blocking campaign of the Visit year.
The way for tourist destinations to Kakani, Nagarkot and out of Kathmandu valley from Kathmandu are on sorry state, due to the following points people can assume that is VNY 2020 remaining only in the hall of a star hotel?

It takes 4 hours to reach only Bhaktapur 9.6 kilometers from Tinkune or to reach Gongbu from Maharajganj takes 1 hour for 3.4 kilometers distance. The behavior of a driver and assistant is looking embarrassing. The assistant said that “Uncle Aunt, Brother go a little back. You move that side and you to this side,” forcefully added (O Dai paxadi Tetro thau xa Uta Janu ta) Brother, could you see this free space on the back, go there, the passenger in Kathmandu valley keep on hearing these words while traveling by public transport. The helpers and drivers of the public buses never get tired of inviting more passengers to their already jam-packed vehicles. They allow as many passengers as they can to get on their vehicles. There is no limit on accommodating the passengers. Some of the mini-buses have even removed a few seats so that they can accommodate more passengers. We can see passengers traveling by hanging from the door these days.

VNY 2020 trying to train vehicle staff and getting paste posters on these vehicles for promotion but they have silent to proper facilities on the favor of tourist said tourism entrepreneur Arjun Jamkattel.

In detail, the quality of public transport services in Nepal is poor and inefficient. There are no well-defined schedules, and the vehicles are generally poorly maintained, lack cleanliness, overcrowded and uncomfortable. As vehicles compete with one another for passengers, speeding is often a major concern for passenger safety, and vehicles wait for a longer time at stops resulting in vehicle stacking and congestion. A survey conducted by CEN/CANN (2011) showed that about 61.7% of female respondents said that they feel uncomfortable with the space in public transport because of overcrowding; 57.7% of passengers were not happy with the travel time in public transport; 69.1% of surveyed passengers perceived that the public transport drivers practice reckless driving making travel uncomfortable and unsafe; 24.9% passenger perceived service as unreliable; and 30.5 % of people said that they have to wait for more than 45 minutes during morning peak hour to get a ride.

The major problem of Valley public transport are Overlapping or duplication of routes, inefficient vehicle, Concentration of route terminals in the city center, Poor passenger services at terminals, Poor service quality.
To correct this situation, the government should be ending the syndicate system and imposing a ban on public vehicles, which are in operation for more than 20 years, can be the best option. Above all, small vehicle auto tempo, mini and micro-buses of Kathmandu should be displaced by big buses like those of Sajha Yatayat in order to reduce the problem of traffic jams and end the inconveniences to the commuters. And another aspect, encouraging people to use cycles in place of motorbikes and cars in the Kathmandu Valley can be helpful to address the problem of traffic jams as well as air pollution.

For improvement of public service, vehicle entrepreneurs should follow i) reduced travel time ii) lower fare iii) improved safety and iv) comfort in the vehicle.

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