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Power of Jatra in Nepal

Power of Jatra in Nepal
– Sagar Shrestha/Nepalayatimes

Power of Jatra in Nepal

Kathmandu – The innate power in the Nepali people for the love and power of various Jatra that are celebrated throughout the year and throughout the nation.

Jatra is the Nepali word for “Festival”. Whereas, in Nepal, all across this Himalayan nation, one can experience various festivals throughout the year. Be it the highland Himalayas or low plains adjoining India. Livelihood in Nepal is filled with the Jatras, as people work to live and then live to enjoy. Such as in Nepal, people here feel alive and enjoyment with participation in various Jatras that happens at regular intervals.

Swiss Geologist Toni Hagen has remarked Nepal to be a melting pot of Asian civilization, why? Cause, culturally Nepal is a mixture of Hinduism and Buddhism. Nepal alone has 126 various ethnic groups for a country with the size of Greece.

The rushes of people have been wanting to touch the statue and chariots of the Gods that have come to bestow fortune and wellness to the world and armies of the National Guard trying to secure the Gods. The presence of the state in protecting and promoting festivals has definitely become the promoter of such festivals. Many times, head of the state Monarchs, now the President resides over the festivals inauguration and main ceremony.

Honestly, Animal sacrifice is a common thing during the festivities, which has been an international issue especially the sacrifice during the Gadhimai festival in the southern plains of Nepal. State promoted animal sacrifices still continue till during Dashain, the largely celebrated festival in Nepal. Many festivals start with the offering of blood to Gods and Goddesses. That’s too gruesome in the civilized era but the newer generation can never refrain from the customs of Powerful Jatra.

The capital, Kathmandu has to offer the best Jatra experience in Nepal. Also, some rustic vibes outside Kathmandu towards Tarwar Naach (Sword Dance) in Western Nepal and Tibetan Bon Festival in the lap of #Everest, i.e. Namche Bazaar.

Celebration vibes of festivities every month of even half month with waxing and the waning moon and that entitles the power force to work.

Every Jatra has unique food to be made. During, Janai Purnima it’s Kwati(Bean Soup) time, Yomari Punhi is itself a food festival dedicated to steamed sweet dishes and such lists go on. As Nepal was and is an agricultural country, the celebration during the Jatras occupies the special significance of food.

Nepali people are known for their resilience and enduring lot of patience. The regular political agitation since the last 100 years, natural devastation as annual floods, and earthquakes has shattered the people economically and emotionally. Despite all these the holiness and happiness are seen in Jatras of Nepal, which is the most powerful feeling.

With all odds, the dedication towards continuing the practice of worshiping the deities and celebrating Jatras will continue to time immortal.

Name of some Jatra (Festivals) celebrated in Nepal

  • Indra Jatra: Celebrated in Kathmandu
  • Gai Jatra: Celebrated in Kathmandu
  • Janmadya Jatra: Celebrated in central Kathmandu
  • Yenya : Celebrated in central Kathmandu
  • Bungdya Jatra: Celebrated in Patan
  • Bisak Jatra: Celebrated in Major parts of Bhaktapur
  • Bhoto Jatra: Celebrated in Patan
  • HaadiGaun Jatra: Celebrated in Hadigaun in Kathmandu
  • Shikali Jatra: Celebrated in Banepa
  • Dolkhala Jatra: Celebrated in Dolkha
  • Jana Baha Dyah Jatra: Celebrated by Newar Comunity
  • Ekadashi Jatra: Celebrated in the hilly region of Nepal
  • Bode Jatra: Celebrated in Bhaktapur, Kathmandu Valley
  • Ropai Jatra: Celebrated by Newar Comunity
  • Lakhe Jatra: Celebrated by Newar Comunity

Sagar Shrestha, Officer, NTB

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