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Pokhara Chitwan Lumbini Silvers Trail

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In the press conference and Interaction Program organized by the team of Western Hotel Association Pokhara, which has reached Chitwan with a campaign of ‘Go to Pokhara’ (Jau Hai Pokhara) with Kathmandu , Janakpur, and Chitwan, the businessmen have said no option to give the concept of exchanging the concept of Silvers Trail Pokhara, Chitwan and Lumbini.

Pokhara Chitwan Lumbini Silvers Trail
Pokhara Chitwan Lumbini Silvers Trail

A Businessman from Naturally rich pokhara, Saurah famous for Safari of Chitwan and religiously renowned Lumbini region, can be working jointly for promoting tourism exchange and promotional businessman said.

Speaking on this occasion, Western Hotel Association, Pokhara President Vikal Tulchan said that there was very important part of the distribution and cooperation in tourism and Silvers Triangle may be helpful to success for the Internal Tourism Year 2019 will have being celebrated by Gandaki Province. He also urged the Chitwan residents for participating in the 16th festivals New Year, which will be organized till March 2, next year on the foothills of Pokhara.

Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Chitwan Sahan Pradhan said that the proposal to connect three cities was very positive. He said that one of the 30 million Indians in India’s border region can enter Nepal, whereas Nepalese tourists can make Nepal a major change in tourism.

The President of Chitwan Industry Association Bheshraj Duwadi said that the tourism sector has more investment in the world than it has contributed to the economy. Chief of the Nepal Tourism Board, Gandaki Province, Mani Lamichhane informed that the Nepal Air Sports Organization was given the responsibility of organizing Paragliding organized in Pokhara systematic and safe.

Regional Hotel Association Chitwan, Chairman Suman Ghimire reminded that the Saurah area had a great possibility of tourism and said that they are considering making new tourist tastes besides Safari in that area.
‘Go to Pokhara’ (Jau Hai Pokhara) campaign is being supported by the Gandaki Province Government of Nepal, and Hotel Association of Nepal. The Nepal Tourism Board has been promoting the campaign.



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