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Pakistan rejects affirmation armed force is pushing activists into Afghanistan

NT:Pakistan: The Foreign Office (FO) on Monday dismissed an Afghan representative’s claim that the Pakistan Army’s Operation Khyber-IV was intended to push aggressors into Afghanistan.

“The activists, the greater part of them impacted by [the Pakistani military], are sent over the Durand Line. It [the Pakistani military] needs to demonstrate that it has cleared its territories from psychological oppressors,” Afghan territory Kunar’s Governor Whaheedullah Kalimzai had claimed, as per reports in Afghan media.

The FO representative

“underlined that such articulations were in opposition to the soul and understanding touched base at amid late engagements at the initiative level of the two nations.”
 An announcement issued by the Foreign Office read, “The political administration of the two nations [Afghanistan and Pakistan] had concurred that the two sides would arrange and collaborate in their activity to kill the hazard of psychological warfare”.

Islamabad expressed that Pakistan has gotten no help from Afghanistan regardless of being guaranteed of it preceding the start of the Khyber-IV operation. A month ago, the Afghan Defense Ministry’s Spokesman Dawlat Waziri had asserted that Pakistan had not completed any coordination while propelling the military operation in the Rajgal Valley in spite of a comprehension about having facilitated operations on the two sides of the Durand Line.

“Afghan Ministry of Defense’s reaction to Operation Khyber-IV is ridiculous and runs counter tothe Pakistan Army’s endeavors for better Pak-Afghan coordination and collaboration,”
 a military representative had reacted.

Naveed Siddiqui

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