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NRN Regional expert’s conference become controversial



USA – NRN NCC USA and NRN ICC are jointly going to organize Expert conference in San Francisco America in June 16 and 17. Due to without proper coordination this program become controversial.


Organizer Dilli Bhattarai convey the message to media, Preparation of the Program is near to complete, but Nepali locals of San Francisco, make questions upon activities of NRN. Like as What are the is standard of this Program?, How to NRN judged who are experts?, even NRN facing lack of exportation in their Team.

Bhattarai said Program should be connected with the expert of NRN Team and National expert, which become helpful to national building, he added program directly connected to Nepal government official as well as government recent policies also. But here activator of NRN shows that Program is more desirable, which unable to complete. Someone comment on Social media, in the name of conference program NRN doing human tracking.


In this regard, Prince Yubraaj Karki, an intellectual mind residing in San Francisco Bay Area, has questioned the purpose of the NRN’s Regional Experts Conference.

Youth Intellectual makes a some criticism these are Who are benefiting from this? Are the so-called top guns going to benefit or the rest commoners? It should be declared. Likewise, who are the speakers in the experts’ conference? This should not be just labeled as the experts’ gathering rather there should be the presence of the real genuine minds. What benefits Nepalis would get and what vibration it is going to create? Who is handling the experts’ conference from San Francisco?


He said with facebook live video I heard that DD Bhattarai, Tulsi Chaulagain, Roshan Adhikari and some others are involved from San Francisco to make it happen. But, they too have not clearly shared about the benefits the conference is going to make to Nepali community.

Similarly, we are not informed about their meeting with the local organizations that are active in San Francisco for the successful operation of the programme. This is needed since experts’ conference is a great opportunity for all of us provided that we managed the event successfully but at the meantime, coordination is a must for this and the organizers themselves need to be experts.


He advised to organizers to covered all Nepalese without biasness, if you want successful program please be clear, don’t chewing the fact, give a opportunities to participation. We salute your effort but be concern to benefit of Nepalese and prove the objectives program.


Team Nepalayatimes wish to be successful and beneficiary program.

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