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National Fundraising Conference: Opportunity to Learn, Connect and Grow

Nepalayatimes/ National Fundraising Conference Opportunity to Learn, Connect and Grow

Kathmandu – In the first time Nepal Center for Philanthropy and Development (NCPD) is going to organize National Fund Raising Conference with supported by international Council for Nonprofit Management in South Korea.This two days conference going held in 27-28 Feb. 2019, Kathmandu, Nepal.

National Fundraising Conference: Opportunity to Learn, Connect and Grow

In this scenario, Nepalayaimes team try to converse with CEO of the Nepal Center for Philanthropy and Development (NCPD), RewatiRaman Dhakal and director Bishal Rai.

Actually, what is the theme of this Program?

Well, this program is for contributed to make the philanthropy of Nepal more resourceful, impactful and sustainable. And that the main strategies or aims are enhancing the capacity and building competency thereby to fetch there sources, forging an alliance between key civil society actors of Nepal and other countries in the mutual learning and experience sharing for future cooperation, creating a synergy by connecting the grass-roots CSO actors with others from similar fields, commitment towards the accountability culture by gaining confidence.

1st National Philanthropy and Fundraising Conference in Nepal

And noted that in this program we will explore these topics; the fundraising trend in the Asia and opportunities for Nepalese CSOs, The effective nonprofit management and the fundraising strategy, The priorities,prerequisites of the international foundations and ideas and tools to fetch resources, current opportunities and challenges with institutional development cooperation agencies & tips for writing effective grant proposal, art of the effective donor communication, persuasion and negotiation skills, best practices and challenges of local resource mobilization, transparency,accountability  for branding and sustainability of CSOs

Why This Program in Nepal?

Primarily this conference is designed for the leader, senior-level human resource to involve for program development, fundraising, relation building between national, Regional, worldwide INGOs, which are working in Nepal. We offer them to connect with expert and representative from international organization,who eager to fund in Nepal.

Main things, This program is for opportunities to learn new fund raising tools, techniques and trend of fundraising in Nepal, Asia, as well as the world. It helps to grassroots NGO and civil society in the sector of nonprofitable for enhancing their economic space and working arena.  

How can you explain Fund Raising trend in Nepal?

After the installation of Democracy in 1950 AD in Nepal, foreign support had increased and first five year plan of government was supported 80 percent by foreign. Since 1950, donor agencies support Nepal in various approach; social justice, infrastructure development.

And after divesting earthquake of 2015, the volume of foreign donation has increased in the aspect of reconstruction and humanitarian relief goods. After earthquake donor agencies flowed in huge numbers. In talking with expert; they said amount of foreign support has been decreasing in Nepal than other countries. Donors are moving out of the country due to the stable government where donors believe that this government will take care of the development and humanitarian works. Similarly, donors are shifting to other countries due to several issues in other countries.

Nepal is struggling with poverty,injustice, poor governance as well as establishing of infrastructure in the change political context. Nepal also needs funding, resource and cooperation to meet the expectation of the people in the change political context from Unitaryto the Federal system.

The development cooperation now trusts and believes towards the majority and stable government. So they are shifting to other countries. However Nepal has several issues to be addressed which needs external resources as well as tools and techniques to mobilize internal resources; therefore, this conference offers and promotes insights and interrelation between local NGO, Civil Society, and donor agencies representative.  

Who and Why should they attain this conference?

First opportunity to participate INGO NGO, are working in Nepal to learn, connect and grow their aim. It is newly platform in Nepal to sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas to donor agencies as well to each other.  

We manage this program with three theme for Building talent, trust and treasure of participants, equip new knowledge and encourage sustain their mission, effective platform for them.

At last please say something about your organization NCPD

Nepal Center for Philanthropy and Development (NCPD) is a consulting entity that promotes the culture of philanthropy in Nepal as well as works towards creating high impact and integrity among the recipients enhancing the talent, trust, and treasure of philanthropic and civil society organizations of Nepal. NCPD is a trusted ambassador, partner and member of various global organizations including but not limited to Resource Alliance, UK, Asia Philanthropy Award, Korea, Korean Society of Philanthropy, the international council of non-profit management, Alliance for Good, Singapore. Participating member certified fundraising executive (CFRE).

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