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Namaste Waterfall: Feel Heaven

Nepalayatimes Namaste Waterfall Feel Heaven
Dhankuta – Have you heard about Namaste Jharana (Namaste waterfalls)? It is situated at Dhankuta district, in very few distant of Bedetar. It can make a wonderful chilling break from a series of boring hot days. When you got to hear about Namaste Jharana, You didn’t do a single second delay making up our mind to be there. It would be adventurous fun. If anyone reaches there, really feel that is heaven.

Namaste Waterfall Feel Heaven

Distance from Bhedetar to Namaste Jharana

It was nearly 7-8 KM from the popular place Bhedetar. The pathway was amidst the jungle, no houses anywhere. You could easily guess the waterfall was somewhere near to us from the sound of water splashing from the top. After walking for some more minutes you could see the Jharana (waterfalls), which immediately brought the smile. In this place you can see some construction being there; really they were actually working to construct the bridge so that all could enjoy the beauty.

It was just 15 minutes walk when reached one of the Jharana. The sceneries of rocks with the waterfall in between, feel like saluting the nature for such a wonderful creation. But still that was not our destination; we had to reach to the one, more beautiful than that. You headed forward to reach the heavenly waterfall. Moving forward in such pathway was no more difficult for you, for you had already experienced something harder than that before. Finally, you reached to the most difficult one. We had to climb the stair made out of the log of tree.

Namaste Waterfall Feel Heaven
People are Entertaining at Namaste Jharana (waterfalls) 

If related official takes an initiation for development of Namaste Jharana (waterfalls), it can make the best destination for Terai region of Nepal, and as well as Bihar of India, who suffer from series of boring hot days.

How to Reach
You can reach there by bus from Itahari, Dharan, Biratnagar to Bhedetar and walk for 15 Minutes.

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