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More Climbers Death: Who is Responsible?

BY Dipak Parajuli
Nepalayatimes/More Climbers Death: Who is Responsible?

More Climbers Death: Who is Responsible?
Too More Climbers Death: Who is Responsible?

Kathmandu – It’s a horrible situation is showing all the signs in this spring season across the world’s highest peaks. Thus far, 12 people have died on six 8000-meters peaks in Nepal and Tibet. And the side of Nepal 9 climbers has no more breath on various mountains.

Actually, why is this happening? Mostly it is happening Acute illness and more Inexperienced climbers with unqualified guides, Ego and ignorance of Climbers, or Government official has done carelessly to give authorities for anyone to submit. Somewhere, immaturities of operator for their responsibilities become the cause of death in the mountain.

Ignorance is one of the causes of happening death in Mountain. The new generation of climbers, eager to bag the top and brag back home, didn’t know enough to understand the difference between climbing Everest and Makalu. They joined a random team of individuals with shared logistics for an independent climb. They didn’t understand the word “independent.”and had no experience to evaluate the risks. Sometimes mountain climber rejects the voice of guide mostly Sherpas, king of the mountain. Even they forget to follow the advice are given by the guide. Recognized mountaineering guide Aang Phurba Sherpa said that Mountain is like a God, to touch/get him is too difficult so climber should follow the instructions and rules with an experienced guide. Sometime climber’s ignorance helps him to reach the mouth of death.


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And Next major cause is the ego of climber Climbing mountains requires a higher than usual ego. You must have high confidence in yourself and the strength to push hard. Mountaineering is known for its challenge and dangerous activities. They knew what they were getting into and choose to take the risk. But they try to without supplemental oxygen, reject Sherpa support independent. This type of ego becomes the cause of meeting with death.


More death in the mountain is dark side for Nepal tourism because mountaineering is one of the brands of Nepal’s tourism; we have 8 8000 meters mountain. And we try to ask this question with Danduraj Ghimire, Director General of Department of Tourism, who’s Responsible to minimize this rate? He said that major responsibility has with climber own self because he knew that mountaineer is dangerous and extremely risky deed and no fix the life after reach this area. The climber, whose return is their life of profit. Even know this fact if they choose to take the risk, they must alert and respond to their life and death. Climbers need to wake up and understand that climbing a big peak. Beside that pre-preparation, go with experienced guides, Confident and healthiness are major to climbing so Department check this requirement while we are giving authorities, he added.

And Operators need to show mature responsibility for a person’s life with the proper support structure.


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According to the verified data given by Department of Tourism 2019 Spring Deaths and Missing Climbers in Nepal

  • Seven Summit Treks, Makalu: Dipankar Ghos, India, missing after summit
  • Seven Summit Treks, Everest: Ravi Thakar, India, dead inside his tent at C4 after summit
  • Seven Summit Treks, Everest: Seamus Sean Lawless, 39, missing, presumed dead after falling near Balcony
  • Seven Summits Trek, Makalu: Narayan Singh died of altitude illness at 8200m
  • Seven Summits Trek, Makalu: Richard Hidalgo, climbing with no O2 died at 6300m
  • Peak Promotion, Kangchenjunga: Biplab Baidya altitude sickness
  • Peak Promotion, Kangchenjunga: Kuntal Karar altitude sickness
  • Peak Promotion, Kangchenjunga: Rodrigo Vivanco missing, presumed dead
  • Makalu Xtreme, Lhotse: Ivan Yuriev Tomov, died in the tent at high camp after no Os’/support summit
  • Seven Summits Treks, Annapurna: Wui Kin Chin – cause of death unknown. Exposed for 3 days at 7400m after the summit
  • And one Nepali from China side
  • Summit Climb, Cho Oyu: Phujung Bhote Sherpa fell into a crevasse while fixing rope near Camp 2
  • American mountaineer has died near the Hillary Step while descending from the summit of Mt Everest this afternoon


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