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Month Shrawan Religious Connection on Chanting ‘Om’

Month Shrawan Religious Connection on Chanting ‘Om’

-Sahas Bhandari/Nepalayatimes

Month Shrawan Religious Connection on Chanting ‘Om’

Kathmandu – So many Hindus believe Lord Brahma was the creature (Shritikarta) of the world, similarly, Vishnu was the operator (Palankarta) and Shiva was destroyer (Shamaharkarta) of the world, it mentions on various myth. According to the Veda, Brahma becomes full of Satyguna, Vishnu Rajah and Shiva Tamaguna factor. All these factors we charring all in our inside these we got by birth and our environment food make increase all level of our body.

Many myths told us about the factor of manage to live a healthy life. We should balance these entire factors in the human body. Here Sarwan month is belonging to the lord Shiva he is the god who destroyer we also have the negativity thought energy and work .worship the not only makes us believe the power of Shiva but also blessing us. The purity, fasting, worship active our confident level increase intelligent.

Om chanting becomes the original creation we have. The sound of Om Inside we active it through the chanting words have great power of vibration which makes our body-mind-soul powerful. Many monks use the Omkara reach with the yellow, red, white and yellow color dress. Search on the peace over their origin of Ganga.

JAL (Water):- Jal the mainly use for put on Shiva Linga, a myth told us the Shiva become great happy with worship by Jal. Shiva routed in the Shrawana active with his month prayer manage the level of power and balance the sources of energy through the jal on Shiva Linga.

Bellpatra (Leaves):- Hindus Manu Smiriti told on its plot nothing make complete as Belpatra does. Lord Shiva has the three eye (Trinetra) each leaf of Belpatra has the symbolic of Shiva . The only three leaves of Belpatra use during the worship of Shiva.
Geruwa Bastra (Yellow Cloth):- Purity of mind needs to relax of environment or surroundings so the all Bol bom yatri wear the yellow color dress in this entire journey. According to the Geta, our psychology build by what we eat and what we wear. Most powerful consecration power Ekagrata the yellow belong to the religious (Bhaktibhab, Ekagrata).

Nirahara (Fasting):- From Sunday to until next day devotees nothing eat .After worship Shiva Linga they take some fruits. Devotees only pray and worship the entire day being as fasting at evening all the Bol Bom devotees sitting on the Arati in front of the river either not possible then at the house on their own worship corner.

Rudraksha:- Rudraksha is constructed with Sanskrit two words Rudra and Akṣa, means Rudra is one of Lord Shiva’s Vedic names and Akṣa means ‘teardrops’, as common Lord Rudra’s (Lord Shiva’s) teardrops. Hindu myth wrote on the Rudrapurana Rudraksha has been originated from the Shiva tears (asru).

Siva drunk the poisons that make Shiva blue from the entire body. A couple of time hit on throngs that pain makes him panic and fall down tears through the eye that become the Rudraksha. All devotees wear Rudranaksha garland on their neck.

All these factors Hindu devotees’ make spiritual on this Shrawana moth 4 to 5 Monday Hindu biggest temple devotes worship by Jal took from the 4-hour journey where they bring Jala from origin Bagmati from the Sundari Jal. Entire journey complete by naked foot with Geruwabastra (Yellow Cloth) and chanting the Shiva and Omkara.

Every year 3 to 4 Lakh of devotees’ worship Shiva at Pashupati temple according to the Pashupati Area Development Trust.

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