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Melamchi tunnel excavation work would complete by November: Board

NT: Nepal: With just 1987.5 meters of the 27584.5-meter burrow staying to be uncovered, Melamchi Water Supply Development Board has said it would finish burrow unearthing work by November. As per the board, the temporary worker has guaranteed MWSDB that passage unearthing work would be finished by November.

Delegate Executive Director at MWSDB Ramakanta Duwadi said frail shake development had postponed burrow exhuming. The board said of the staying 1987.5 meters, roughly 1,000 meters at Gyalthum-Ambathan extend and around 900 meters at Sindhu-Gyalthum still can’t seem to be uncovered. As the undertaking missed the objective of finishing the passage removal by July, it is practically sure to miss the due date for providing water to Kathmandu Valley by October.

In spite of the fact that MWSDB has not set any official due date for providing water, it might take an additional a half year for the venture to start providing water to Kathmandu Valley. The board said the temporary worker had said that it would take an additional three months to start water supply after culmination of passage removal work.

The Melamchi venture’s first due date terminated in 2007 and second due date in 2016. On April 3 this year, the due date was stretched out to October 2017.

The day by day request of water in Kathmandu Valley remains at 370,000,000 liters, while day by day supply remains at 110,000,000 liters. Melamchi Water Supply Project is helped by the Asian Development Bank and means to decrease drinking water shortage in the Valley.

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