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Maghe Sankranti Being Observed Today


Makar Sankranti being observed

Kathmandu – Maghe or Makar Sankranti is being observed today throughout the country. On the day, people of Hindu communities take holy dips into rivers and ponds, worship at various temples and relish delicacies like ghee, yam, Khichadi and sweets like Chaku and sweets made of sesame and molasses.

As per the astrological chart, this day is called as Makar Sankranti since the sun moves towards the northern hemisphere from this day onwards. On this day, the sun moves from the tropic of Capricorn to tropic of Cancer. Likewise, the days get longer from today onwards.

A large number of devotees throng Devghat, Trishuli, Kaligandaki, Bagmati, Indrawati, Ridi, and other places on the river banks to take a holy bath and perform Shraddha.

Chairman of Nepal Calendar Determination Committee Prof Dr. Ram Chandra Gautam that the time from Shrawan Sankranti to Maghe Sankranti is called Uttarayan since the sun moves towards the north.
“This period is considered the best one for holy bath, offerings, religious trips and fasting,” he added.

On this day, a festival is organized at the Tilmadhav Narayan Temple at Taumadhi Tol, Bhaktapur and Puja of Deepakankar Buddha is performed. The Tharu Community observes this festival as the Maghi with much fanfare and gaiety for five consecutive days.

Likewise, the people in the Tarai belt mark this day as the festival of bath known as Nahan. It is also celebrated by the Tharus as Maghi or the New Year with much fun fare.
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