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Magar Festival Commences in Parbat

Nepalayatimes/Magar Festival Commences in Parbat
Parbat – The first Magar Festival has kicked off here aimed at collecting funds for the preservation of Magar culture that is under threat. Gandaki Province Chief Minister Prithvi Subba Gurung inaugurated the festival organised by Pun Youth Club.

Magar Festival Commences in Parbat

On the occasion, Chief Minister Gurung claimed that Gandaki Province would become the first province in the country to achieve economic prosperity.

Stating that programmes aimed at making the province prosperous, announced in the current fiscal year, have been taken forward, CM Gurung said that a wave of development would sweep the province within the next five years.

He stressed that the government was vigorously working to preserve the local art, culture and traditional identity since tourism is the main basis of development of Gandaki Province.

It is estimated that around 200,000 visitors will come to the festival, which features various folk songs and dances popular among the Magar community.

The festival will run till February 27.
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