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Lumbini Development Trust When will get Member Secretary?

Nepalayatimes/ Lumbini Development Trust When will get Member Secretary?

Lumbini Development Trust While will get Member Secretary

The Lumbini Development Trust has become the member Secretary for a long time. After the appointment of Vishnu Prasad Dhakal to the member secretary, the complaint had registered against the government.

While the previous government had opened a vacancy, 22 applications were given for the member secretary. But the present government was canceled it, after canceling the information and appointed out these 22 applications. Therefore, the Trust has not yet received a member secretary. The government had canceled the information at the end of the appointment of the 22 members of the scheme including the target and also the appointment.

According to Surendra Mandani Shakya, Treasurer of the Trust, the government was nominated Bishnu Prasad Dhakal, who was also Chief District Officer of Palpa. Appointment to be done from open competition has been filed after the nomination without legal process. The issue is in question in court.

Joint-secretary of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation Ministry Ghanshyam Upadhyaya claimed that the government has appointed with completed the terms and conditions. But in the court, filed case due to it hadn’t happened follow the open competition, nominated from the shortest route. The Trust will not get the member secretary until the court orders. The government has said that the other information is not issued to issue the application.

As the current government was replaced, the application of demand for the member secretary of the Lumbini Development Trust has canceled as well as the appointment of former government.


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