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Kushe Aushi: Father’s Day in Nepal


All of Nepalese is observing “Buwa ko Mukh Herne din”, or Father’s Day on Sunday. It also is known as Kuse Aunsi, is a Hindu festival that is observed to honor and pay tribute to fathers both living or dead.

It is a Hindu festival unique to Nepal and is celebrated during Bhadrapada, a lunar month in the Hindu calendar. It takes place during the month’s dark fortnight.

On the occasion, sons and daughters express their love and reverence towards their fathers, who are highly regarded as the pillars of the family and the community in Nepali culture, by offering gifts and sweets. After the presentation of gifts, it is customary for sons to touch their fathers’ feet with their foreheads, while daughters will touch their hands. This tender gesture is known as “Buwa ko Mukh Herne” or “looking upon father’s face.”

A large number of people have been shopping at major marketplaces in the valley since early morning to buy sweets, fruits, and gifts for their beloved fathers.

Those whose fathers are deceased visit Gokarneswor Mahadeva temple of Gokarna, a village located east of Kathmandu, and pray for peace to the departed soul. The shrine has special significance for Hindus because they believe it was the dwelling site of Shiva, who is attributed with having the special affinity with the souls of the dead.
During this time-honored tradition, Brahmins visit different houses distributing Kush -a sacred plant compulsory while performing rituals in different houses chanting mantras of Vedas.

Kushe Aushi 

Kush a holy grass

Mean day Hindu devotees put on Kush on their home though ownself or Preist. Kush means holy grass as a symbol of the god Bishnu. Hindus use this grass to purity in every religious activities.

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