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Krishna Janmashtami Being Celebrated

Krishna Janmashtami Being Celebrated
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Krishna Janmashtami Being Celebrated
Krishna Janmashtami Being Celebrated

Hindu devotees of Nepal celebrated Krishna Janmashtami today. Krishna Janmashtami is the festival celebrates in accusation of the birthday of Lord Krishna celebrated in Hindu religion. It is the celebration of the victory of goodness and dharma over the devil and bad power. It is celebrated on Ashtami Tithi, (the eighth day of dark half or Krishna Pakshya) of the month of Bhadra according to Nepali calendar of Bikram Sambat.

Who was Lord Krishna?

Lord Krishna is worshipped and regarded as the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Krishna is worshipped with different names; Krishna, Murari, Hari, Gopal, Shyam, Nanda Lala, Makkhan Chor. In Sanskrit Language, Krishna means Dark. He is the eighth son of King Vasudev and queen Devaki of Mathura. He was born exactly at midnight. He was brought by Nanda and Yashoda Maiya. He was fond of playing flute/murali/bansuri in Brindavan and Mathura. His youth was romantic full of love and friendship with Gopinies. It is believed that he had sixteen hundred Gopinies. Among them, Radha was a beloved one.


According to the Hindu holy book Mahabharat, Lord Krishna played a vital role, where Krishna supported Pandavs to conquer Kaurav. Although he was not physically present in war, he was the soul and the heart of Pandavs. Under the leading of Krishna Pandav won the holy war.

In Bhagwat, Gita Krishna saywhenever there is the dominance of evil and declination of goodness, I will reincarnate time and again to end the evil and save dharma.

The Krishna Mandir in Patan Durbar Square, Narayanhiti Krishna Mandir is center for festivities in Krishna Janmashtami, mainly in Patan. Patan Durbar Square lies in Lalitpur district near the Capital. Temples are decorated with lights and flowers. Numerous of devotees flock to ancient Krishna temple in Patan Darbar Square, chanting of several names of Krishna, singing ancient hymns and clap.

They offer flowers, food, and coins. People fast till midnight and chant slok from Bhagwat Gita and sing Bhajans. Small kids wear the attire of Lord Krishna with the flute in hand, peacock feathers in the head and clay pot filled with curd. This way Hindu celebrate Krishna Janmashtami.

Krishna Janmashtami Being Celebrated

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Krishna Janmashtami Being Celebrated 

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