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KNOW NEPAL as Spiritual Tourism Destination

KNOW NEPAL as Spiritual Tourism Destination
-Rajesh Shrestha, Nepalayatimes

KNOW NEPAL as Spiritual Tourism Destination

KNOW NEPAL Skanda Puran Himawat Khanda says “Krite Satyawati Jyaya tretayam cha tapowati- Dwapare Muktisopana Kalau Nepalika puri” which means- Nepal used to be called Satyawati, Tapowati, Muktidayani and Nepal Mandal in Satyayug, Tretayug, Dwapar yug, and Kaliyug respectively. The above mentioned recorded history of Nepal is supposed to be of Kali Yug (Iron age).

From the time immemorial, Nepal was an independent country; never conquered and still flickering unique triangular flag with pride and prestige. This is the only country in the world that does not celebrate the independent day. Nepal is the pious land blessed by Guru Gorakshanath meaning “Never Ends Peace And Love” = NEPAL. Many people have been realizing that Nepal, India, Tibet is the most spiritual places in the world but they do not know that Mt. Kailash and lower part of Tibet used to be Nepal once upon a time, half of India used to be Nepal just 72 years ago. Among 12 Jyotirlinga (divine light emerged on earth) 11 lies in greater Nepal. The” Greater Nepal” had spread half of today’s India including Kashmir, Delhi, Agra, Calcutta, Eastern Sikkim, some part of Tibet including Holy Mt. Kailash (Manasarowar Lake).

Nepal government has crystal clear evidence stamped from both side governments. The name ‘India’ was given by the British ruler. Long before, it was Hindustan and called ‘Bharat’ because the great emperor of Nepal called Bharat had ruled the whole Indian continent. Still, his Kingdom Bharatpur lies in Narayanghat district of Nepal. So, the name of India “Bharat” itself inherits from great King Bharat. The Hindus living in the Indus valley civilization were the same Aryans migrated from the Himalayas of Nepal. The history of Nepal incredibly goes way long back than human perception. Recently, NASA proved that ‘Ramsetu Bridge’– the 40 km long mysterious bridge in between Srilanka and India was built 515,000 yrs ago. May all the readers know that the mysterious bridge was built during Lord Rama period. Ram, Laxman, and Bharat were the three brothers and Bharat used to rule entire Indian subcontinent having base capital in Nepal.

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Vedic wisdom is the noblest teaching for mankind. Understanding its necessity, Greater Nepal government had established the first and greatest university called ‘Nalanda’. Now, listed in world heritage sites, it was situated 95 km southeast from Patna city which lies in Greater Nepal (but now today’s India) and was a center of learning from the 7th century BC to 14th Century AD. According to the Chinese travelers Xuanzang and Yijing – there were 20,000 teachers and 12,000 students studying different subjects; Astrology, Astronomy, Ayurveda, Vastu Shastra (fengsui), Tantra, Yoga-Meditation, mathematics, agriculture, economics, business, engineering, medical Surgery, Reiki healing, Art and music, Vedic texts, Sanskrit grammar, Buddhism and what not? Sanskrit was the language used for teaching and learning method. Nalanda University flourished under the patronage of the Gupta Empire- one of the most successful empires of Greater Nepal. Gopalas, Mahishapalas, Kiratas, Lichhavis were the great emperors before Gupta.

Highly formalized methods of Vedic education inspired other countries to establish many other educational institution and universities. Greater Nepal remained cradle for education to all the scholars of the world. The school had attracted scholars and students from far distance traveling all the way from Tiber, China, Korea, Australia, Persia, Turkey, Greek, and Europe. It is said that Pythagoras, the world famous mathematician had studied mathematics and astrology here. Jesus Christ had studied Tantra- Yoga & Meditation. Similarly, founder of the Jain religion- Mahavira had also studied in this university.

Gautam Buddha himself used to give discourse in this university. No doubt, Nepal was the hub for education and business on those days. Fibonacci, 12th-century Italian mathematician who is well-known for ‘Fibonacci Sequence’ (the mathematical sequence in nature) had also studied in this university. Nikole Tesla, the genius of the 19th century, who rediscovered modern technology (radioactive wave, Wi-Fi, telephone, jet engine, electricity current) got the information from an explanation of “Aakasha” described in Vedic text. Nikole Tesla was highly inspired by “Aakasha” concept given by Swami Vivekananda- the Nepali scholar born in northern Calcutta, Greater Nepal (but the modern map shows India which is correct too). We need to respect Vivekananda for his immense contribution – awakening westerners/ Americans.

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However, shame to say, Nepalese students are now standing in a queue holding a passport for abroad study- because of filthy politics. Those students abuse day and night for the stupidity of Nepalese government. Our beautiful world is gradually turning to hell. We are fed up with the powerful lunatics, educated fools and so-called scholars.

This is an unprincipled world of impish lords where placidity has been snatched and humanity raped. Innocent people are compelled to live a chaotic and restless life. In short, the loss of innocent and the dark heart of humanity disappoints greatly. Therefore, to prevent this beautiful world turning to hell, in order to add essence to truth, originality, and placidity- moral education is inevitable. Peace and Harmonious society are possible only after creating a peaceful environment and educating children with fundamental teachings of truth & beauty, humanity, and humbleness. This shall be the only powerful weapon to bring positive changes in our society.

Now, it is the necessity of time to produce prudent citizens which is possible only through proper Vedic education. In this regard, Vedic education is the only means of real education like those we had in Vedic culture. It makes people witty, well-cultured, professional, patriotic, sincere, a person of ethics who performs duties and responsibility. In short, it teaches the art of living and dying. It is so much needed for the modern world for balancing material life and spiritual life. And, Nepal is the ultimate destination!

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