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Kirtipur ‘City on the Hill’

Kirtipur ‘City on the Hill’
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Kirtipur 'City on the Hill'
Kirtipur ‘City on the Hill’

Kathmandu – Kirtipur city has unveiled the brand logo of the new brand ‘City on the Hill‘ in the middle of a program organized on 3rd July. The brand was unveiled at a brand endorsement event held in Kirtipur. At the same time, this city has become the first formal branding city in Nepal.

Brand details, logos, and campaigns were presented at the event. Speaking on the occasion, Mayor Ramesh Maharjan said that such a historic achievement could not be made public due to the current pandemic and expressed his commitment to establishing Kirtipur as a tourist destination after the pandemic.

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On the occasion, Dr. Dhananjay Regmi, Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Tourism Board, said that Kirtipur has its own specialty in food, festivals, and culture. Stating that the city branding has helped the tourism business to rise from various crises in the past, he said that this new branding will also establish Kirtipur among domestic and foreign tourists.

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