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Khaptad Has Brought 5 Types of Packages to Attract Domestic Tourists

Khaptad Has Brought 5 Types of Packages to Attract Domestic Tourists


The number of domestic tourists visiting Khaptad has started increasing after the launch of a five-day ‘Heli Tour Package’ for those visiting Khaptad, a major tourist and religious site in the far-western region. The Heli Tour Package has been launched in collaboration with the Khaptad Homestay Project and Mountain Helicopters at Jhingrana, the gateway to Khaptad.

Director of Khaptad Homestay, Deepak Bahadur Khadka, said, “Tourists could not come to Khaptad because of Corona. Now that the infection rate in Corona is less and tourists have started coming after we started the ‘Heli Tour’ package. The atmosphere here is pleasant.”

The package will cost Rs 10,000 per person from Dipayal, Rs 8,000 per person from Jhingrana, Rs 12,000 per person from Safegar and Chainpur of Bajhang, and Rs 30,000 per person from Kailali. The program was inaugurated by Far-Western Chief Minister Trilochan Bhatta on Thursday.

Chief Minister Bhatta said that the state government has made concrete plans for the tourism development of the Khaptad region. He said, “The state government is preparing to come up with a concrete plan for the development of Khaptad. We will do something new soon.”

According to the organizers, air tickets have been arranged to go to Khaptad from Kailali and Doti, the capitals of the far-western states. The Khaptad region is a major landmark of the far western region. The locals are overjoyed after the ‘Heli Tour’ started to visit Khaptad, which is also a major religious tourist destination of the state.

On the first day of the package, Far-Western Chief Minister Trilochan Bhatt, Minister for Internal Affairs and Law Prakash Bahadur Shah, Minister for Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment Maya Bhatt, and 20 others reached Khaptad. On the same day, more than 50 other tourists also reached Khaptad by helicopter, according to the Khaptad Tourism Development Committee, Doti.

Chairman of the Khaptad Tourism Development Committee, Harka Bahadur Singh, said that the Khaptad region is now very attractive for tourists who want to capture the scenery of winter.

He said, “Khaptad is a beautiful region in itself. The current season is very attractive. It has become even better for the tourists as the ‘Heli Tour’ package has also started.” He said, “If we can only develop Khaptad, there will be a significant development in the income here. We are committed to the development of Khaptad.”

Before that, Khaptad, anonymous as the forest of Nigalo, is now understood by far-westerners as a beautiful gift given by nature. But no one has been able to use the treasure in Khaptad, said Ghanshyam Pathak, former mayor of Dipayal Silgadhi Municipality. He said, “Knowing that Khaptad is a treasure of nature, our weakness is not being able to use it. We’ve done everything we can, but it’s all about budgeting. ”

Khaptad is also the only national park in Nepal with a total of 22 patans and 52 jhoti. Rajendra Bahadur Shahi, president of the Hotel Entrepreneurs’ Association Doti, said that Khaptad, which is presented differently in hot, rainy, and hot seasons, is a destination that should not be missed by many. He said, “If you want to get rid of the unrest in your mind and enjoy nature, you must visit Khaptad once.”

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