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KAYAK Metasearch for Travel Worldwide

Nepalayatimes/KAYAK Metasearch for Travel
Do you looking metasearch for traveling, KAYAK can be the right place for you.

KAYAK Metasearch for Travel

KAYAK has been revolutionizing the travel industry in 2004. It is in the market with a Meta-search for travel. Nowadays Kayak process over 2 billion searches a year for travel information, helping millions of travelers around the world to make fruitful decisions. In every question, KAYAK can show hundreds of travel sites link to show travelers the information they need to find the right flights, hotels, car rentals, and holiday deals.

In over a decade, Kayak team have grown from a small office of 14 employees into a team of nearly 900 travel-loving teammates working across 7 international brands; KAYAK, Momondo, Cheap-flights, SWOODOO, Check-Felix, Mundi and Hotels Combined. As well as Kayak help people experience the world by creating their favorite travel tools.

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