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Inevitability of Nagpanchami – The Vedic Culture

Inevitability of Nagpanchami – The Vedic Culture
– Rajesh Shrestha/Nepalayatimes

Inevitability of Nagpanchami - The Vedic Culture
Inevitability of Nagpanchami – The Vedic Culture

Kathmandu – ANANTA literally means endless or infinity in the Sanskrit language. It is also the name of Sheshnaga “The Celestial serpent on which Narayana reclines”. Naga worshipping was wide-spread in Sumerian culture, Greek culture, Maya civilization, Native American and all the indigenous culture of the world. It is the ultimate Truth- the visible form of the Almighty Creator! The modern scientists admitted the reality (the vastness of the universe) and started to express the same thing with ‘infinity sign’ when they found our universe bigger to infinity and atoms smaller to infinity.

First of all, we need to understand that ‘Nagas’ are mythical serpent beings worshipped with due respect since Vedic period because Nagas are the protector of Devas, Rishimuni, enlightened figures, human beings, and whole living creatures. People have deep faith in Nagas and the only creature they have fear is Nagas; so that people do not dare to pollute streams or jungle area. In many myths and legends, Nagas are able to change themselves into an entirely human appearance.

Indeed, it is the visible form of Sat Guru Gorakshnath which can be seen around the neck of Lord Shiva as a counselor/protector. Yes, Nagas are the protective white-colored serpents in cosmic energy as well as the only creature that can live on earth, water and sky. It is beyond life and death, a timeless creature. We cannot imagine the existence of human beings and all the living beings without the protection of Nagas as they filter UV rays in ozone layers. Also, another layer of Nagas moves in between 96 km areal distance and filter air. This is the reason why some snakes are seen falling from the sky during big hurricane/ tornado. Anyway, we need to understand that Nagas are protective snakes; black snakes as well also inhale poisonous air and purify the environment. But, spiritually- black snakes represent devil (as in the Bible) and considered evil omen in Vedic culture too. Knowing the immense importance of Nagas, the Nepal government owns special law of 20 years imprisonment for killing the snake.

Snake sign has been kept in hospital logo in Nepal from ancient time meaning awareness and indicating that poison can be medicine too. Imbalance of serpent energy in our body causes physical and mental illness. Ananta Naga- the king of Serpents or Muccalinda in Buddhist literature, had saved Buddha from big rain, storm during the enlightenment. Nagas are the protector of scriptures in Buddhism as they call ‘Nagarjun’ which lies in the northern jungle of Kathmandu- the capital city of Nepal. Obviously,“No Nagas- No life on earth”. Realizing the immense importance, Nagas are worshipped since Vedic period in Nepal for vitality, good luck, longevity and receiving the blessing. The serpent energy ‘Nagas’ is worshipped in almost all the ancient religion but with different names; endless knot, Wheel of life, infinity, dragon, Kundalini energy, Rahu and Ketu whatsoever. But, ‘Nagas’ is worshipped – adored all over the world as per their culture and tradition but with the same essence.

For an example- Hindus of India worship to Nagas, Dragon iconographic forerunner of Nagas in Chinese tradition, Thunder dragon in Bhutan, Klu in Tibetan culture, serpent cultures in Cocullo Italy (Europe’s oldest festival), Muslim’s immense respect to snakes during ID festivals, Serpent like figure in Greek mythology calling Lalima, Wadjet in ancient Egyptian wisdom deity (protector of pharaohs), Jewish worshipping Nagas expressing the highest form of love, Irish culture for praying golden Nagas, Snake culture in Niigata Japan, Serpent worship ‘Dahomey’ in Africa, Nachas in Hebru representation of divinity, Ancient Greek and Egyptian deity ‘Apepi’ –giant snake, Egyptian keep a sacred room for their snake God, Aztec people in Mexico consider Snake as half-divine, Sesa (Sesanag) culture in Java island, Five headed dragon culture in Thailand, Nagalok in India, serpent worshipping in east London holiness church Kentucky so on and so forth. According to Al-Azraqi’sTarikh Makka (the holy book), Islam worship first to the Snake dwelling nearby pond because it is the snake “Naga’ that safeguards entire Ka’ bah (the main holy place of Islam. Just modern people have forgotten our forefather’s cultural heritage.

Hence, it is very much clear that ancient cultures used to worship Snake considering evolutionary energy. And all the spiral energy in nature and universe is Nagas energy. We can see a lot of snake images in Ephesus healing temple in Turkey, images inside Pyramids too. Serpent logo can be seen in many countries hospital logo, American medical association. Even Hyppocratics had used serpent energy symbolizing the rod of life and death. Prior to modern civilization science and spirituality were not two separate things. In ancient Vedic teachings, the outer world is what inner world guides in spiral energy form. Just in the modern-day, the fragmentation of knowledge dominated the intelligence part of the human being. So-called, Science students started to see ancient wisdom as a myth tried to separate spiral energy/ universal logo from modern science.
It is their ignorance not to know that the inner and outer world is deeply interlinked. We have preserved ancient wisdom till toady so that westerners visit Nepal with immense curiosity.

• Two tongues of Nagas indicate a connection with cosmic energy. It is the reason why snakes know prior to the earthquake as they have a cosmic connection.
• Snake venom is poisonous but again its venom is used to cure snake bite – isn’t this duality? This is the reason why all the hospital has serpent logo in Nepal, Europe, America.
• Nagas stand for awareness as Lord Shiva used to have around his neck all the time, it is the symbol of awareness. 99 % of world people have fear of nothing but a snake.
• Naga is a symbol of awareness / the essence of life. All human being carry Nagas inside our body as the coiled serpent ‘Kundalini’ in the yogic term.
• King Bali could not notice the dwarf Brahmin who was in the disguised form of Lord Vishnu (incarnation of Narayana) so he had to give his head to step in. Then, he was pushed to Patal Lok which is today’s South America and Maya civilization started since then. His Yakshas (a head engineer who had built 3 cities in Indonesia Bali) and his followers also flew to South America with the most advanced airplane and landed in NAZCA valley. This is the reason why NAZCA lines are there. In fact, the aliens were nobody but the well-wishers of King Bali of Greater Nepal. Depicting this fact Mexico has a serpent in the flag which means Garuda (vehicle of Lord Vishnu) transporting Nagas in Nexico (Patal Lok).
• The snake and bird symbol can be found in Christianity as well. Bible talks about black serpent call ‘Satan’, however, we need to take in positively as it represents awareness. Christ himself is identified with “Shahapet”, a beneficent serpent who inhabited olive trees and vine stocks in ancient mythology. Many scholars have found similar serpentine attitude in European mythology prior to 4500 BCE. In ancient Europe, the serpent was considered benevolent, a symbol of life and protecting living creatures. Snakes were thought to be guardians of life symbolizing spiritual richness.
• The bird and spiral energy above Jesus’ head represent Garuda and Kundalini which they call the Holy Spirit. John 3-12 “As the Moses lifted up serpents in the wilderness- so must the Son of man be lifted up.” The pine cone images in ancient Greek temples as well as in Vatican City also symbolizes an opening of our pineal gland – awakened Kundalini energy. Nimbus Hallow, duplication of energy signature can be seen in all enlightened figure – the crown Chakra beyond life and death.
• Description of the serpent is found in Genesis 3, where Adam and Eve are tempted by a serpent in the Garden of Eden and ultimately fall victim to sin. In fact, the serpent is not linked with Satan in the Genesis story because a number of New Testament authors both directly and indirectly state that it was Satan who seduced Adam and Eve into sin meant for creating awareness. Smith notes that the serpent became an emblem of the evil and forbidden apple is the fall of mankind. Also, so the wicked and enemies, in general, are often linked to venomous serpents in the Psalms.

• Moses, following their repentance, made a bronze serpent and set it up on a pole and whoever was bitten by a serpent could look upon it and live. Even more fascinating is Jesus self-comparison with the same serpent in John 3:14-15 foreshadowing his own death on the cross and offering salvation. Sir William Smith thus sees the serpent as a symbol of wisdom which apart from obedience to God, degenerates to cunning and poison man’s nature but when subjected to the divine law is the source of healing power.
• In fact, it symbolizes Satan, Wisdom and Shiftiness expression of dual nature. Snake handling is a ritual based on the interpretation of Mark 16: 17-20 and Luke 10:19 in the Bible. Till to this date, there are more than 2000 big Churches in Europe that handle poisonous snake and pray with due respect as described in Gospel of Mark 16 17-18, gospel of Luke 10: 19 and New Testament 28: 1-6 Therefore, Naga Pooja (Praying for King Serpent) is not only the Vedic culture of Nepal but entire human beings. Nepalese have kept the age-old culture alive whereas westerners have forgotten their forefathers’ culture. One can visit Nepal in mid-August and observe the ‘Nagpanchami’ festival where each and every house prays with great devotion to the serpent energy.
(The School of Life)


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