हिमालयं समारभ्य यावत् ईंदु सरोवरम् ।
तं देवनिर्मितं देशं हिंदुस्थानं प्रचक्षते ॥

Unfortunately, Devils- saitains ruined Nepal but the above verse is written in Himwat Khanda text “Himalayan Samarabhyam Yawat Indusarobaram; Tam Deva Nirmita Desham Hindusthan Prachodayat” means the pious land built by Devas and spread from Himalaya to Indrasarowar lake (south to Kathmandu) is called Hindusthan. Literally, Hindu means well-cultured people, who follow the teachings of Vedas; Sattvic bhojan (vegetarian life), Karma Yoga (right work) and Bhakti Yoga (devotional activities).

Deep research shows that the totem worshippers Aryans were migrated from Himalayan foothills of Nepal and settled at Shindu (Indus Valley) – in between India and Pakistan. Persian could not pronounce ‘S’ sound properly and started to call Hindus for Sindus (people of Sindu). Remember, the word Hindu is not found in any old dictionaries. Contemporary Indians (Hindus) started to follow Vedic cultures of Sindus; totems worshipping, divine teachings, Astrology, Ayurveda study, yoga & meditation.

Archaeologically, Indian modern Hindu’s history is not more than 1200 yrs. Those legacies of Vedic Sanatan Dharma (which started from Nepal) were carried out by Sankaracharya and tried to establish a religious sect with ‘Hindu’ brand name although aiming for a harmonious society. Their main aim was to live a happy & peaceful life just like well-cultured and blessed people living around Kathmandu valley.

So, Indians loved to be called ‘Hindus’ as well and kept a brand name. But, the cultures and festivals of Hindus are the old of the oldest practices carried all the way from Vedic Culture existed in Nepal. Ramayana epic is the depiction of Tretayug Lord Ram’s reign while Mahabharata epic is another depiction of the battle fought in Dwaparyug in-between the five Pandavas (defender of truth) dwellers of Daman, Nepal and Kauravas (100 Mischievous) dwellers of Hastinapur- today’s Delhi. Similarly, Indians started to celebrate Vedic culture like the Holi festival, Nagpanchami, Shivaratri, Dashain, Deepawali. For instance,“Deusire …Bali Rajale Pathayeka…. “The verse uttered in Deepawali has been playing in Nepal since the Tretayug (12,000 years ago). How could you believe that Dipawali is the festival of Indian Hindus just started 1200 years ago?

The word ‘Hindu’ was known for Nepal only after the visit of Pandit Sankaracharya. Before that, Nepal was addressed as “Vedic Sanatan Dharma Nepal Rastra”. Therefore, if you heed carefully, you easily understand false rumor and Indians’ tricky behavior; Christians distributing bibles and Indian Hindus distributing Nepal’s aged-old Geeta is the same in essence. They have tried to create a mirage among Nepalese by saying “Moon in the Noon”. It is just like you see the bride coming to her birth-home but not noticing that she had gone to her husband’s house first after marriage. Indeed, Indian Hindus had burrowed The Vedic culture of Nepal which we are following the same culture from the time immemorial but in a Hindu brand. We are charmed from those Hindus alluring slogans forgetting our ancestor’s pride and prestige. Some-how, they have named ‘Vedic Sanatan Dharma Hindu’ but which again is a laughable statement just like saying “new old sweet house.” How the ancient Indian Hindus (having a history of just 4,000 yrs) dare to compare with the ancient civilization of Vedic culture that dates back to 164,000 years. May all be known that these facts are proven archaeologically? And one day, the entire world will recognize Nepal as the origin of Vedic Sanatan Dharma (the root of all the religion) or the origin of Hinduism.

• “Hindutwo will become the ruler religion in Europe and the famous city of Europe will become Hindu capital”. Michael Nostradamus

• “I understand that through his intelligence and awareness he did that which Jews could not do. In Hinduism it is the power that can lead to peace”. Albert Einstein

• “Mankind together wills all science must have originated on the roof of the world, I mean the Himalayas..”Immanuel Kant”

• “I read Hinduism and realized that it is for the religion of all the world and mankind, Hindutwo will spread throughout Europe and in /Europe, big thinkers of Hinduism will emerge. One day, it will come that Hindus will be the real stimulus of the world”. Bertrand Russell

• “Indus and Hindutwo will one day rule the world because this is a combination of knowledge and wisdom”. Leo Tolstoy

• “Until the effectiveness of Hinduwto is restored how many generations will suffer atrocities and life will be cut off, then one day there will be attracted to it, on that day there will be dished and on that day the world will be inhabited”. Herbert Wells

• “Hindu speaks of peace and reconciliation. I appreciate Christians to appreciate the faith to reform”. Gosta Lobon

• “We all have to accept Hinduism now or later and this is the real religion”. Johann Geith 1949- 1832

• “The entire world will accept Hindu religion, Sanatan Dharma one day and if it cannot even accept the real name it will accept by name only. West will accept Hindutwo one day and hind will be the religion of those who have studied in the world”. George Bernard Shaw

• “The faith which is upon us and this is better than us in the world- then it is Hindutwo. If we open our hearts and minds for it, then it will be good for us”. Huston Smith

(The one and only World Peace Foundation)

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