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Globalizing Nepali Food for Nepal Tourism Promotion

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Kathmandu – Hardcore Chef Binod Baral sets Mission to Recognize Nepal through Nepali local foods.  UK Business owned Baral struggling to introduce Nepali food globally. His restaurant MoMo & Roti is most popular in London. He believes that Nepal only not famous with Mount Everest and Birthland of Lord Gautam Buddha, we have a typical test on food items, if we can popularize these items it makes the better way to attract international tourists in Nepal.



In talking with Nepalayatimes, Baral said that we are going to start Testing Nepal means Know about Nepal though Nepali foods campaign from Land. He added that this campaign is for promoting Nepal Visit Year 2020 with introducing Nation though foods. Food Tourism also one approaches for collecting more tourists in Nepal. Millet, buckwheat, Gundruk Dhido, and other Cultural foods

“My main purpose is to introduce the local Nepali taste to the foreigners, not only for Foreign I focus on that our next generation should know about Nepali foods; it means sustainability of foods,” Baral said.

In the time of World Tourism Mart, London, Baral has succeeded to extend time with his various tasted of Nepali food.


Who is Binod Baral?


The co-founder & Chef-Patron of Momo and Roti, Baral who was born in Pokhara Nepal to full fill his dream to provide the kind of food he ate when he was growing up but within the quick & casual restaurant setting. Binod is one of the UK’s most respected and proven talented chef. He has more than two decades of global experience in food industries in various operations.

He is also current Chef Patron of Zumbura in Clapham, founder of SPICE PUNDIT catering consultancy. He got the long-term vision for Asian Culinary Academy to give some back for the community.


Binod believes in ’Local for local’ want to give business to local and take business from local, support local farm and business so it will reduce farm to fork time so food automatically fresh and economical, reduce packaging and delivering cost and food automatically fresh. Environmental Sustainability is another principle priority.



He believes in practical action and starts from an individual person him to create a sustainable future for everyone on our planet to achieve this sharing knowledge is key from ground level. He believes in caring for Mother Nature and making our world better, he sets that “Connecting People to Nature in the city and on the land, from the poles to the equator.”

Recently Baral registered ‘Global Nepalese Chef Forum’ organization for connecting all Nepalese chef from wold and promote Nepali food in the world jointly. And also he initiates Nepalese Innovative Network For Entrepreneur ( NINE), the non-profitable organization.

There is high possibility he will become a chef ambassador of Nepal for Visit Nepal 2020 to promote Food Tourism of Nepal.

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