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Food Tourism: Promote Our Food Culture with Connecting Other Tourism Activities


What have we known for already?

Nepal is a sovereign country that’s why we don’t have independent days like India or the United State of America so what we have is very authentic and not dominated and suppressed by any other big nation same apply to our foods.

Geographically it is divided into three regional parts, the Himalayas on the north side, Chure hill range on the centre, and Terai area on the south side. It is the only country which starts from 100 m goes up to 8848 meters above the sea level. Having natural beauty spot, adventurous mountains, Himalayas and fast flowing river, historical and pilgrimage sites like Lumbini, Pashupatinath, Muktinath, Gosaikunda in a single country.

Because of our different regional climate we have lot of Ayurvedic plant traditionally using for medicine value that we can use in our cooking.

I have already kick started to work for “Forgotten food of Nepal” &”All Our Foods our Medicines”

That magical geographic condition, culture, tradition, festivals, customs, and people’s hospitality make us unique in the world. Visiting Nepal is worthful in all aspects for adventure and natural beauty is like Switzerland, its history is older than Rome, its historical pilgrimage site Lumbini where Buddha was born is a major attraction for all the religious peoples from all over the world.

For wild beast’s lovers, Rhinos, Tigers, Cranes and lots of rare animal, birds species and mystery of Yeti are found in Nepal.

Along with the living Goddess Kumari, the world talks about. We all Nepalese know about Newari Cuisine and their feast, festival and their partying style so we can’t talk Nepalese cuisine without Newari cuisines.

Buddha, who is known as the light of Asia what kind of foods eaten by buddha followers.The birthplace of Buddha, Lumbini what kind produce they grow in Along with and what is the traditional cuisine.

The name of Buddha Delight, Buddha Bowl, Buddha Cuisine are already in the international market so we are from the authentic soil so what we know already, what we need to find out and how can we bring these in the market. We can do a lot of work there.

Janakpur, Along withMithila which is the birthplace of Goddess Sita. Especially for Indian Tourist, this might be interesting for Mithila Cusine.

Home of temples, what is Prasad (food offering to god). The food we offer for god and pilgrims must be most authentic food.

I’m the hardcore chef so I would like to summaries and connect to our uniqueness which links to our gastronomy.

Mount Everest, the highest peak (8848m ) of the world. What we can grow surrounding of that region and what we find naturally like Yarsagumba, Biological Gold so world interesting to know cuisine from Himalaya.

Everyone knows Sherpa and without Sherpa, it is impossible to concord highest mountain of the world. They go first and make route in reality and so rest mountaineer just follow to concord summit, this is bitter fact.

I love to know true story who been summit of Mount Everest first, Tensing Norgeor Sir Almond Hilary? No one like to hear that untold history.

Sodefiantly rest of People from the world likes to know what’s Sherpa eat? LikeSherpa Tea (Salted Butter Tea), Buckwheat Pan Cake, Yak cheese or it’s milk delicacy. The country of brave Gorkhas so Gurkha- what they eat to be strong and courageous, what is their cuisine? The most Popular Cusine in the world is Indian & Chinese and Nepal lies in between. What influence we have in our cuisine. Can influence be? Chinese Dim sum with a bit of Masala that’s MOMO, it could be selling point, curry finishing Himalaya spice so on these are already selling world in global culinary.

Make the unforgettable visit ever. Treating guests like the god in Nepalese hospitality.

Eight world heritage sites out of which five are located within 20Km area this is the opportunity to explore and showcase of their surroundings street food.  Nepali culture and tradition; this magical we have unique culture as art, and cuisines because of 125 ethnics groups.

The second richest country in water resources after Brazil so what ingredients we will find in our water, fish, Crab, Prawn, it is natural and fast water seafood, may be vegetable like Lotus. Or it simply could be natural mineral water.

Food is our part of our culture and our culture start with offering a drink from anyone in front of our door. Where did our history of hospitality starts.

Any person that has visited Nepal will also say that the hospitality of Food is unparalleled.

‘Atithi Devo Bhava’

Binod Baral


Co-founder,Collaboration, Brand & Growth Global Nepalese Chefs Forum

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