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Food Tourism: Let’s Ready to Gastronomic Region Trip Nepal


London – Trip to a gastronomic region, for recreational or entertainment purposes, which includes visits to primary and secondary producers of wine, liquor, drink, food, farm, stall, shop, restaurant, food festivals, food fairs, events, bazaar, farmer’s markets, cooking shows, demonstrations to few to name.

Tastings of quality food products or any tourism activity related to food. In addition, this experiential journey is related to a particular lifestyle, ethnic group like Gurung Village, Tharu community in Nepal that includes experimentation by living with them, eating with them, sleeping in their place is kind of home stay.

Learning from different cultures, ethnic communities the sharing of knowledge and understanding of the qualities or attributes related to tourism products, as well as culinary specialized produced in that region through its consumption. Thus, the experience of gastronomic tourism is considered as such, provided that everything mentioned above constitutes the main reason or motivation to travel for visitors to a particular destination or But even without gastronomy being the main motivation for choosing a destination, the fact is that it is increasing as eating food is part of day to day life. Basic food is need.

Cooking in the home is a minimum need. Eating out might be kind of modern culture but for tourist, there is no option. They must eat out, there is not much choice. Food tourism is up most part. Whatever reason they traveled or visit, food is up most priorities. Being chef and foodie want to focus Food Tourism.

Part of being a chef is sharing a love of food within home with family, locally with other community and globally to other nations. Spreading the love of food and it’s flavors.

Our ancient book says feeding hungry people is a holy job, making someone happy by feeding good food is satisfying work. As chef I see big opportunities in Nepal as it is just upcoming, market is big but untouched.

We have mainly three regions, Himalaya, Mountain and Terai with various communities and they have own fest, festival, delicacy than other.

  • Requesting all outbound flight to serve Nepalese Cuisine, if possible both Inbound & Outbound.
  • Creating meals for foreign leaders. Theprogram also invites them to take part in public diplomacy programs that bringlight to foreign diplomats, dignitaries and leaders both abroad and when theyvisit the Nepal.
  • ·        Doing Food Festival and calling andinviting non-Nepalese will be great platform.
  • ·        More Nepalese restaurant presence inhigh street will help spread our flavor of food & spices
  • ·     Nepalese Cuisine is still heritage sobringing media attraction by writing what customer was to read, good part ofour cuisine, health benefit of our cuisine, .
  • ·        A network of chefs from around thecountry who have agreed to take part in this initiative.
  • ·        I see most of government meeting areorganised in Soltee and I also see there are Indian and Chinese Restaurant whynot open Nepalese Restaurant let the customer to choose.
  • ·        Eating street food is long trend andpeople love as it is local, Tasty, cheap, quick, fast and in front of customer,but it must be managed systematically, hygienically.
  • ·        Find the different opportunists with infood by following real time trend, fest, festival such as Gluten free eating ,Vegan Friendly, Yoga Food.
  • ·        “Star on The Door “this is the firstimpression and decision making iron gate for customer (I’m focusing on tourist) If we can create system like in UK. Hygiene standard can see from 1 to 5 Staron door and 5 is bench mark. That will give confidence to eat.
  • ·        How we can use modern technology,digital marketing are current challenge too in Food Tourism.

In what’s been dubbed as “culinary diplomacy,” these efforts are an attempt to bring food culture to other countries. This is nothing new. Food has always been a big part of international relations when it comes to politics. We can share a proud part of our culinary culture with foreign dignitaries.

Chef carries on the tradition of sharing important roots of food culture with other nations in an ongoing effort to build bilateral relationships. I believe food relation is strongest relation. Sharing food is closest relationship.

Finally, we have been trying to call tourists by Mt. Everest, Himalayas, Jungle, FastRiver, Buddha, Sita, Gurkha, Pashupatinath but lets start with bit different way Ingredients & cuisine of Himalaya, cuisine of Sherpa people like to know why Sherpa and Gurkha are strongest and bravest, what is the Buddha cuisine ? What was cuisine from Janakpur (Maithili Cuisine ?). What fishes we find in our Fast River, what wild ingredients we find in our Jungles, YakCheese from Himalaya region, current hottest hot ingredients Yarsagumba.

See you in Nepal

Binod Baral 


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