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First Asian Resilience Summit in Kathmandu

First Asian Resilience Summit in Kathmandu
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First Asian Resilience Summit in Kathmandu
First Asian Resilience Summit in Kathmandu

Kathmandu – Nepal is hosting the first Asia Resilience Summit in Katmandu, Nepal on May 31, 2019. The two-day summit is co-hosted by the Nepal Tourism Board, the Global Travel and Tourism Resilience Council (GTTRC), the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The event is being organized in this region to celebrate the successful resilience efforts demonstrated over the years by Nepal and in overcoming the divesting effects of 2015 earthquakes. This summit will be an opportunity to share the strategies that have enabled the country to recover despite the different economic, political, natural and anthropogenic changes in the last few years. Further, the event is seen as a platform to foster opportunities for partnerships in our sustainable business practices.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Kumar Gyawali is scheduled to inaugurate the summit. The summit is to celebrate Nepal’s recovery, address resilience on a global scale and conduct a deep dive into regional issues faced by Nepal, the GTTRC stated in a press release today. The summit is expected to disseminate the message to the world that Nepal is a safe tourism destination after facing the difficult situation in the immediate aftermath of the Gorkha earthquake in April 2015.

First Asian Resilience Summit in Kathmandu

Government and travel industry leaders will come together sharing experiences and insights regarding Resilience and Tourism. The speakers from all over the world are going to share the best practices in the field of Resilience and Tourism which can be adapted in the other parts of the world, thus leading to the sustainable world. Well respected personalities and eminent speakers including HE Taleb Rifai, former Secretary-General of UNWTO, HE Edmund Bartlett, Minister of tourism of Jamaica, HE Xu Jing, Director of UNWTO, Dr. Mario Hardy, CEO PATA, Prof. Dr. Waller, Prof. Dr. Sudarshan Raj Tiwari, high level government officials renowned tourism experts and alike.

Nepal Tourism Board, CEO Deepak Raj Joshi attributes the country’s recovery focusing on public privet partnership “Working with the public-private partnership module. Nepal Tourism Board has proven to be a successful and inspiring example for the world. I sincerely hope the NTB will continue to play a leading role, augmenting Nepal’s image at an international level, highlighting the advantages of tourism on the local level and thus accelerating the growth of the tourism sector for the greater benefit of the country.”

The insights and ideas shared will be shared with the global travel and tourism trade after the event. It is anticipated that the summit will provide a benchmark of crisis management and building back better in tourism during and after the disasters that can help in building resilience in tourism of other regions as well.


Following the 1 Asian Resilience Summit, NTB will also be setting the prestigious International Institute for peace through tourism (IIPT) Award 2019, one of the most prestigious Awards of Tourism and Hospitality Sector. Secretary for Ministry of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation Mohan Krishna Sapkota shared that “hosting the prestigious IIPT Award in Nepal has not only promoted Nepalese tourism but also has encouraged the Tourism Professionals to work for the sustainable tourism which is an urgent need of the whole world. He added that organizing Asian Resilience summit in Nepal has enabled Nepal to reach to the more people in the world”

There are four categories of the Awards

1) Resilience Tourism Community Award:

This award recognizes community-based tourism projects which have created substantial social impact in Nepal, through job creation, Training or community development. The winner will be a local enterprise, region NGO that can demonstrate the enhancement of the community through local cohesion that encourages the people to recognize they are manifestations of their heritage and by sharing their heritage they enrich the tourism sector.

2) Resilience Tourism Business Award
This award is based on an entity who either has sustainable long-term exponential growth or practices that involve and invest heavily in human capital.

3) Changemaker in Tourism Award
This award will be awarded to the individual or entrepreneur who has made a significant change towards tourism either from within or outside the travel sector. An individual who has gone beyond the call of duty and spear-headed a new idea or product that brings change to the tourism industry in Nepal.

4) Resilient Efforts through Cultural Diversity
This award looks for a local business, region or NGO that celebrates their cultural diversity through a proven approach that incorporates human interaction as an asset that promotes relationships that are nurtured and promoted through sustainable tourism.

The Summit to be participated by more than 300 people associated with the tourism sector will discuss 30 working papers to be presented by various foreign experts. GTTRC, created by Jacobs Media Group, is the go-to resilience expert providing a platform for professionals from various industries to share information and best practices regarding resiliency and preparedness when facing crises of any kind, man-made or natural- in the context of tourism.

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