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Maghe Sankranti Being Observed Today

Makar Sankranti being observed

Nepalayatimes Kathmandu – Maghe or Makar Sankranti is being observed today throughout the country. On the day, people of Hindu communities take holy dips into rivers and ponds, worship at various temples and relish delicacies like ghee, yam, Khichadi and sweets like Chaku and sweets made of sesame and molasses. As per the astrological chart, this day is called as …

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Tamu Lhosar Festival Nepal

Nepalayatimes Tamu Lhosar or Tamu Lochhar is one of the biggest Nepali-Buddhist festivals celebrated by the Gurung Community in Nepal and Sikkim, Darjiling too. From this day says the beginning of the GurungNew Year and is celebrated by all family members and friends gathering together to exchange greetings and well wishes. A number of fairs have organized across the state …

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Yomari, Dhanya Purnima and Udhauli Festivals Being Observed Today

Nepalayatimes Kathmandu – The Yomari Punhi or Yomari Poornima, Dhanya Poornima and Udhauli festivals are being observed across the country today. The Yomari Poornima is a festival observed by the Newar community in Kathmandu Valley and is believed to have started 400 years ago. A special delicacy made of rice flour and molasses called Yomari is the major attraction of …

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Why Should Hindus Say “Sadgati” and Not “Rest in Peace” ?

Nepalayatimes   The Hindu concept of life and death is very different from that of Abrahamic religions, which have floated the expression “Rest in Peace (RIP).” Many Abrahamic religions have the concept of only one life, and henceforth an “afterlife” or “heaven” which they label as “peace.” That is why they use the expression “RIP.” Why Should Hindus Say “Sadgati“? …

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Chhath Festival Thanksgiving to the Lord Surya ‘The Sun God’

Nepalayatimes Kathmandu – Chhath, a primitive Hindu festival is performed as a thanksgiving to the Lord Surya ‘The Sun God’ for granting life on earth and providing prosperity for the life forms on Earth. As per the Hindu traditions, the sun god is the ultimate force which represents vigor, fame, courage, and vitality. In contrast to other festivals, the Chhath …

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