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Explore Valley: Manapokhari Jharana (Watch Video)


Kathmandu – Digital Campaign and Visual presentation is the backbone concept for promotion and development of Travel and tourism sectors. Nepal, even having a larger potentiality in travel and tourism but our economy from tourism industry has not well developed.

One of the main aspects is the lack of digital campaigns, media reaches and visual presentations to show our hidden and unexplored trails, beautiful natures, art, culture, and geography.


Nepal should be focused on travel and tourism products through digitalization means. Jumroman is startup entrepreneurs focusing on the digital campaign, marketing, visual presentation, travel works of literature and access to information for tourist via digital sources.

Jumroman runs the different campaign under the different theme. Explore valley and unsung stories is one of the campaign’s organization has recently published visual stories and digital videos for promotions of National and International tourist within spheres of Kathmandu valley.

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