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EC approaches govt to report date for elections right now

Nepal: The Election Commission has begun preparatory arrangements for holding provincial and parliamentary elections at the same time as proposed by the administration. Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba had yesterday guided office bearers of the commission to begin arrangements for holding both the races at the same time immediately.

Election Commissioner Narendra Dahal said the EC had surveyed specialized hindrances and talked about requirement for race staff members, voting stations, tally papers, security faculty and time to hold both the races. He, nonetheless, said the EC would begin essential arrangements simply after the administration reported the date for decisions.

“We are set up to hold both the races all the while as coordinated by the legislature or in two stages,” said Dahal. He said EC office bearers had asked for Prime Minister Deuba to declare date for races by August 17, pass race related bills from the Parliament and give report of the Constituency Delimitation Commission at the earliest opportunity amid yesterday’s meeting.

Another Election Commissioner Ila Sharma said date for decisions must be declared before August 17 if both the surveys were to be held in third seven day stretch of the November. “Time is running out and we drew the head administrator’s consideration towards the issue,” said Sharma, including that it was a test to hold decisions before winter as there is almost no time left to make vital arrangements.

She said the EC did not have time and ability to print poll papers to hold the two races all the while as more than 70 million vote papers were required. According to the EC’s gauge, 30 million vote papers would need to be printed to hold both the races at the same time utilizing four ticket papers.

Indeed, even Janak Education Material Center, where the surveys sheet prints poll papers, does not have the ability to print 70 million vote papers to hold both the races before winter, as indicated by the EC.

According to the constitution, both commonplace and parliamentary races ought to be held before January 21 one year from now.

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