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Dr. Rana Shamser Rai : Who burn to shed light to others

Sahas Bhandari/Nepalayatimes

Dr. Rana Shamser Rai


Dr. Rana Shamser Rai and determine hard work towards from Khotang to Udayapur. His Recognizable contribution on the field education, health, and social solidarity is remarkable deeds for Udayapur as well as Nation. The person who serve in Gorkha regiment and after the retirement, he continue to build road map for develop of Udayapur. He started his work with establishing school named BULA PANTHE HIGHR SECONDARY SCHOOL road for the people.

He is continuously contributing his effort for building awesome GHAIGHAT. He sacrificed himself for society up to his death. While This Journal has published first edition 2074 many people know about him and his contribution as well as rhis contribution for making Udayapur developed corresponding with family friends relatives neighbors and so on.

Dr. Rai and his contribution for named rise Ghaighat and spare over the eastern part of Nepal. But people never founded the way of living, he continuously hard working for social service. We can find on journal this opinion throw everyone’s eyes about Dr. Rana Shamser Rai.



This Souvenir (Journal) has contained following Articles, features.

1.”Maile Dekheko Pailo Dr. Rana Shamser Rai” – Sitaram Pokehrel

2.”Gaighatma Maile Veteko Dekheko Sher” – Ramchandra Basnet

3.”Raifalmen Banduke Matra hunna Sakdaina ” – Deepa Dewan Rai

4.”Samajsebi Dr. Rana Shamser Rai ko Yogadan” – Balaram Pokhrel

  1. Aafai Jalera Ujyalo Dine Dr. Rana Shamser Rai ” – Ambika Kumari Rai

6.”Bulapanthe Dekhi Gaighat Samma” – Khadga Bahadur Rai

7.” Town Planning and Market Management of Gaighat”- Kaman Shing Rai

8.”Garib lai Nisulka Upacher Garne Dr. Rai “- Hiraman Mote

9.”Samrajyabaad lai Latyaune Dr. Rana Shamser Rai” – Yubaraj Rai

10.”Mritupaxi Punarjanma Putne Chorako Yaadgar “- Mani Prasad Bhandari

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