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Destination Historical Gorkha Darbar

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The palace was and is still a pilgrimage destination for people who considered the former Shah Kings as living incarnations of Vishnu. The Shah dynasty came to an end on 2008 after the retirement of Gyanendra Shah. The palace sits on top of a fortified hillock and also houses the Kalika Temple. This is a famous temple in Nepal.  The climb to the top of palace is strenuous but completely worth it. It gives the bird’s eye view of the city below along with the view of the Himalayas.  It is said that Prithvi Narayan Shah would watch over his people from his palace which is the tallest palace of Nepal. This region is also famous for “Gurkha” soldiers who fought the British colonials.

Destination Historical Gorkha Darbar

The British colonials were very impressed by the “Gurkhas” and decided to hire them to their side. The famous Manakamana temple is also within the same district. It is a famous pilgrimage site for Nepalese. This temple can be reached by a cable car and receives nearly 3,000 visitors per day. You can also trek from the Manakamana temple to Gorkha which takes around 4 hours. The Gorakhnath Temple and Tallo Durbar (bring down castle) are likewise other real attractions in the region. The Gorkha Museum is located inside the Tallo Durbar. Gorkha is the starting point of the Mount Ganesh trekking route and also offer many other trekking routes.


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History of Gorkha goes back to the mid sixteenth century while amid the Bijaya Dashami celebration, a young fellow named Dabya Shah set out to be the King of Gorkha. Drabya Shah was the sibling to the King of Lamjung. On September of 1559 when all the indigenous Magar individuals were occupied with a hustling fulfillment to determine the next king, Drabya Shah attacked and captured Liglig. He attacked when the people were preoccupied with the race and celebrations ensuring his success. Later he also conquered Dhading and other places. It was two centuries later that one of his descendants unified Nepal into one Kingdom. The unifier was none other than Prithvi Narayan Shah who succeeded in defeating the Newar kings of Kathmandu Valley and made Kathmandu the capital. This was the year 1769 AD.

Destination Historical Gorkha Darbar

Gorkha Bazaar is a road commercial center where individuals from adjacent ranges come to do their exchange. Here, you can appreciate the commonplace slope town of Nepal. Gorkha Durbar is the glory of the city. It is a fort, palace and a temple, all combined into one. You need to climb about one thousand seven hundred steps from the bottom of the hill to reach the palace. It takes you nearly 2 hours to hike the hill. You get eminent perspectives of the Annapurna and Ganesh Himals from the Durbar alongside sees over the Trishuli Valley. It stands tall on an edge sitting above the city. Kalika Temple inside the palace complex is also another major attraction of Gorkha. It is a temple full of psychedelic fantasy of carved peacocks, demons and serpents. On Asthami, dozens of goats, chicken and buffaloes are sacrificed to appease the goddess. Dhuni Pati, the former palace of Prithvi Narayan Shah is the east wing of the palace complex. The palace is covered with exquisite wood carvings.


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Gorkha Museum was already a Newari style castle situated inside the Tallo Durbar. There are intriguing shows in plain view. Gorakhnath Cave is 10 meters underneath the Gorkha Palace and is the terrified sanctuary of Gorakhnath. The surrender was cut out of strong shake and is one of the essential religious destinations for Nepalese.

Uppallakot is found 20 minutes from the Gorkha Palace at a stature of 1520m. This is a vantage point to appreciate the perspectives of the royal residence and Himalayas. Gorkha additionally has various sanctuaries you can appreciate like Ganesh sanctuary andMahadev sanctuary. Other than the previously mentioned attractions, Gorkha is a perfect place for trekking and encountering the slope. The prevalent trekking is from Gorkha to Pokhara which is around 10 days. The trek stars from Gorkha to Luitel, Hirmantar, Tarughat, Besisahar, Ghattekhola, Gharpokhari, Rupatal and Pokhara. Gorkha is additionally the beginning stage of Mount Ganesh trekking course.


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