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Creating Bridge between Nepal with Gastronomy Tourism


Let’s find out what we are known already in the world and how we can link with Gastronomy Tourism.

Since the Mention of Puranas, Mahabrathas to Popular Travellers all over the world from Ancient to modern, everywhere there is some mention about Nepal as a fertile land full of rituals and God more than the Headcount. It’s our privilege being landlocked and remains a sovereign Nation for centuries which we all are proud of.

The Topography of Nepal is not less than watching a Hobbits or Lord of the rings similar to New Zealand missing the Sea yet Many Lakes as Tilicho being located at the highest point, Pristine Rara or the Fewa Lake giving majestic boom to tourism. Nepal has always been an oasis of Nature divided from Great Himalayas, Hills, and Forest to the fertile land of Terai. The mystery of World’s tallest mountains and the lifestyle of Sherpa reflects the richness of their cuisine which is amazingly great.

The diversity of culture and topography gives diverse climatic conditions perfect for Ayurveda Plants, Rare plants, Tropical to sub-tropical ingredients to Nepal. The sustainability of people even centuries ago was very close to Nature, praising the Nature in a different form where today the modern world is struggling to retrieve. Imagine Kathmandu valley five centuries back, a perfect Shangri-Lawith multiple small or big rivers flowing everywhere making the land fertile. It made safe heaven and a melting point with art, culture, festival, and rituals as the land of living god.

Today what we eat, the super healthy food packed with the fibres were once our staples providing energy for many years to the people. The culture exchange being in between two Nations as China and India brought many influents but gained popularity with the unique taste of our ingredients.

I have already kick started to work for “Forgotten food of Nepal” & “All Our Foods our Medicines

Our Grandma was using food as medicine, we definitely use those forgotten recipes and introduce as medicine in the global market.

Those magical geographic environment, culture, tradition, festival, custom and people’s hospitality makes us unique in the world. Visiting Nepal is worthful in all aspects like adventure, natural, cultural and gastronomy which cannot be judged,

Ancient history, its historical pilgrimage site Lumbini where Buddha was born, pagoda style temples, has attracted the religious tourist from all around.

For wildlife lovers,one-horned endangered Rhinos, wild Bengali Tigers, Cranes, home to flora and fauna and the Traces of Yeti are found in Nepal. Hiking, trekking, cycling, expedition what else do you want more? We have been naturally catered to all

Along with the living Goddess Kumari, the world talks about. All the Nepalese know about Newari Cuisine, their feast, festival and their partying style without which Nepali gastronomy is incomplete.

Food: apart of our culture

Our greeting start with glass of water to anyone. We believe Guests are God.  Food plays a Prompt role for healthy mind and wellbeing, what foods were popular toBuddhas, what use to grow on Lumbiniregions in those times? What food did people used to eat? They are still inquiring to me.

The name of Buddha Delight, Buddha Bowl, and Buddha Cuisine are already in the international market, yet dense research is required

Kathmandu is so culturally rich and food like Bara, Yomari, Cholia, Chatamari, Kachila has added its exceptionality. County and below the Krishna Mandir sits a Newari restaurant where you can enjoy watching deities, temples and experience traditional Newari dishes which has added extra charm

Janakpur, Mithila: the birthplace of Goddess Sita. What foods were popular on those times? How this has linked with Indian gastronomy? On which we need to discover more. Indian Tourists are still in bulk and if we find a link, we can find gastronomic Tourism.

MountEverest, the highest peak of the world, everyone knows Sherpa without whom it is impossible to concord highest mountain. Everest region produces Yarsagumba, Millet, potato, yak cheese, Thenthuk, dumplings the list goes on and on, what is the difference between food produced in cold climate? Why the potato onMustang is so popular compared to Janakpur, all these places hold their remains uniqueness, how these foods has helped Sherpa’s to remain physically fit on those adverse climates.

The country of brave Gorkhas has played a role on our wellbeing and food. How balanced is our food which we indulge in?

Indian and Chinese cuisine has started to conquer the world and we are in-between them. Why soup-based protein or carb is popular on Mountain regions, how this has helped them to remain fit on those adverse climates, how these curry and Masala dishes are popular on the Terai regions, how the food has been affected due to the geography this is extremely diverse and I guess rare too.

Chinese Dim sum with a bit of Masala that’s MOMO, has become unique selling point, curry finishing Himalaya spice has already staged on world culinary. Where do we lack, when these things are directly proportional to our heritage why can’t we promote them parallel? Let’s join our hand and March towards the global arena.

Binod Baral


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