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Christianity is Just a Branch of Vedic Sanatan Dharma

Christianity is Just a Branch of Vedic Sanatan Dharma
– Rajesh Shrestha/Nepalayatimes

Christianity is Just a Branch of Vedic Sanatan Dharma
Christianity is Just a Branch of Vedic Sanatan Dharma

Kathmandu – The founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ came to Nepal – received a blessing from Guru Gorakshanath and learned Yoga & Meditation on the foothills of mighty Himalaya.

The inscription stated “Ishaputranchma Biddi Kumari Garbha Sambhva.” clearly shows that he was in Kathmandu valley and paid homage to the Living Goddess Kumari. The word “Jesus of the Christ” became Jesus Christ when shortened meaning ‘Devotee of Lord Krishna” just like we say, Krishna Bhakta.

The word Christ comes from the ancient Greek word Christos (meaning the anointed one) and colloquial Bengali Christo explaining (Christos- Krista- Krishna). And, remember that Greek word and Bengali word used during Greater Nepal is but thousands of years before the Bible. Various researchers like Dr. Nicholas Notovitch (who visited Nepal in 1987) and Holger Kersten’s investigative research proved that Jesus Christ spent his 18 years of mysterious life in the mighty Himalayas of Nepal wandering in search of the truth.

During Jesus’s visit, the teaching of Lord Krishna had reached the pinnacle of popularity. Jesus Christ was also very much impressed by the teaching of Lord Krishna (Kurisuna+nity) and determined to preach the truths to western worlds. Krishna means Lord Krishna and ‘nity’ means teachings or policy in Sanskrit / Nepali language. We use this term till today like in Sarkar ko nity which means government policy.

Mispronunciation of Kurisuna+nity, Kurisuna + nity became Christianity because of language transmission. The teachings and the essence of Christianity are exactly the same as of Bhagawat Geeta (Krishnanity). May you understand that Jesus Christ was also born in the Brahman Arya family. His mother Mary’s statue wearing Nepali dress Sari- Cholo has been kept in Macmillan Church, England. Jesus’s statue kept in Munich Art Gallery also depicts alike to Brahman son with Janai (sacred thread around neck & shoulder) and cusp. The Nepali word Santa (sage) turned into a saint (St.) as in St. Joseph. Likewise, the word Pujari (priest) turned into Padari and later father. It is all because of foreign language pronunciation/speech transmission.

The residence of Pope Vatican city is also derived from Batica City + Batika (garden) city = Vatican City (adding adjective on to it) which means the city of a garden in the Sanskrit language. Moreover, the thorny vein (Kukurdiana) used by Jesus on his head during the crucifixion was taken from Nepal. Till today, tantric use that thorny vein named Kukur Diana for repelling evil spirits. It seems that the name of Prince Diana has been taken from the name of Kukur Diana. Jesus took his last breath at the age of 70 in Srinagar- Kashmir. Still, his tomb can be seen in Kashmir (today’s India) but according to the greater Nepal map (72 years ago), it lies in Nepal.


Thus, Christianity also followed the pure foot-prints of Vedic Sanatan Dharma. The source of the Bible is the pious land of Nepal Himalayas. Therefore, I personally request to all the Nepalese, Indian Hindus, Islams not to be rude to Christians- they are also our own brothers. Just because of authentic information lacking, the so-called Christians have been spreading rumor against Vedic Sanatan Dharma. The secret of ‘Garden of Eden’ as described in the Bible, is Trivenidham of Nawalparasi Nepal. All the tantric have known this truth and archaeological evidence has proved almost 95 % to the above statement.
I have explained detail in one of my books entitled “Eternal truth-Bliss & Beauty.”

Non-the less, Jesus studied Vedas with utmost devotion. Entering from Amarnath he came to Muktinath, Pashupatinath, and Inareshwor at Daman. During this spiritual journey, he visited the lower part of Tibet too which is still Nepal according to the Greater Nepal map. He spent a few years at RURU RISHIKESH (the original Rishikesh which lie in Palpa district of Nepal). Then, he set off a journey to Muktinath, on the way he received enlightenment at Galeshwor. After deep research of 40 years, Dr. Notowich unmasked the unknown life of Jesus.

Orthodox followers of the Old Testament did not like the activities of Jesus and accused him of being revolutionary as a result he was crucified. His enemies had buried him but fortunately, Jesus woke up alive because of Yogic practice he had done mastery over breath control while he studied in Nalanda University of Greater Nepal (but now this place Patna lie in today’s India). Then at once, his disciples had fled him to ‘ancient India’ which is the country Nepal. In his research book, ‘Mysterious life of Jesus’ Dr. Spencer has stated that Jesus had spent his life span from age 13 to 30 in the Himalayas of Nepal for Veda study and practicing yoga-meditation.

And, he did not die in the cross but willingly he took his last breath completing 60- 70 years of his age at Srinagar- Kashmir that lies in Nepal according to the greater Nepal map. May the disappointed Christians receive crystal clear evidence and know the unknown life of Jesus.

TUSHITA -NEPAL (The School of Life)
Yogi Panchavedi

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