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BUDDHA JAYANTI – Gokarna Purnima

Nepalayatimes/BUDDHA JAYANTI – Gokarna Purnima
By Rajesh Shrestha

BUDDHA JAYANTI (Gokarna Purnima)
BUDDHA JAYANTI (Gokarna Purnima)

Kathmandu – BUDDHA “One who perceives the true nature of life and the world and who leads others to attain enlightenment. The Buddha nature is inherent in all beings, and is characterized by the qualities of wisdom, courage, compassion and life force.” Buddhism is a religion and philosophy based on teachings attributed to Siddhartha Gautama (later Buddha meaning- the awakened one) who was born in Kapilvastu Lumbini in 567 BC. It has become one of the most popular religions in the world because of its simplicity, compassion, forgiveness, and truthfulness.

Although Nepal is the birthplace of Buddha, it is not Buddhist or Hindu country but Vedic Sanatan Dharma which embraces all the religions of the world. Lord Buddha is regarded as the 10th incarnation of Narayana. Siddhartha Gautama was born in Shakya family from king Suddhodhana and Queen Mayadevi. When Queen Maya Devi was on the way to her paternal home she gave birth to the son at Lumbini. It is said the baby walked 7 steps just after the birth.

Gautam was grown in comfort and luxury life that his father has arranged. He was predicted by an astrologer that Siddhartha would become a sage in future. Therefore, his father tried his best not to have any lacking and avoid his son from being hermitage. Gautam was a pleasant child but used to spend more time thinking and asking serious questions than enjoying the richness of the palace. His father got worried about the nature of his son and decided to tie up conjugal life with Yasodhara so that Gautam would engage in marriage life. But instead, he became restless when he saw sick people, old man, and corpse when he was out for sight-seeing. Then, he began to ponder upon eternal questions about the suffering and universal law. On a tranquil full moon night, he decided to leave the palace (luxury), family (attachment) even little sweet son ‘Rahul’ in search of the truth.
He wandered many places and consulted with spiritual masters of those days, meditate in the deep jungle without food and water for several months but still could not get the truth. He realized that enlightenment is not possible with an empty stomach and took rice-pudding offered by Sujata, lower caste girl.


Suddenly, on a full moon day he was showered with true wisdom “The world is full of suffering, there is cause of suffering, End of desire is salvation, and Nirvana can be achieved by following eightfold path; right understanding, right thought, right speech, right action, right means of livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right meditation”.

• The full moon of Baishakh is very important for Buddhist because the three great happenings; abandon of Palace, Enlightenment, and decrease of Buddha occurred on this day.
• Five elements: Fire, air, sky, earth, and water (the meaning reflected in five color prayer flags flickering in Buddhist Stupas and chortens)
• Nirvana: state of salvation- free from the cycle of birth and death
• Padma Sambhava: 8th-century saint, Guru Urgen Rinpoche who carried away Buddhism in Tibet. Padma Sambhava is no other that Guru Gorakshanatha appeared on lotus petal). The Padma means lotus in the Sanskrit language.
• Vipassana: ancient and austere Buddhist meditation practice. Look inward and find yourself “Appa Dipo Bhava (Alight yourself)” Buddhist sing Buddha Bhajan “Buddham Saranam Gachhami” which means let’s take refugee to the teachings of Lord Buddha.

Remarks: If you love Buddha, may you follow ‘Panchashila’ the five code of ethics (vegetarian life, no killing, no cheating, no gambling, no wine/whisky, no illegal love & sex). The world is suffering now just because of ‘Adharma’ (not following human duties/responsibilities). Therefore, without purifying inner and outer cosmic energy- world peace is impossible. The world needs to suffer more (war, starvation, earthquake, global warming, political chaos) for great realization.

We have to see 10 America and 5 India as people are fighting for human justice. Entire world shall know Nepal clearly by 2024, one of the happiest and peaceful countries in the world when Suraya Bashi Kingship (Sun atop flag) implements Gorakh law and order. Nepalese are tired of stupid leaders- so, Nepal Army (Shiva Sena) shall play a vital role and handover happy moments by the end of 2076. All the beautiful souls are requested to join hands for the positive change.



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